The fire of thine eyes

Categories: Blog They grow up so fast. You hear this a lot. But it’s rare when you can actually see it — when you can bear witness to a sudden, awful transformation that creases the eyes, dulls them a little, weighs down the shoulders, and saps some relic of childhood joy that you’ve probably long forgotten about […] (Read more...) ...more


Categories: Blog “Hey dad, did you realize we’ve watched either all or at least part of every soccer game?” “Yeah, it’s been a good day for soccer, huh? But don’t get used to it. Summer is for being outdoors, not watching TV ....more

Last-minute Fathers Day fun books

Categories: Blog The San Francisco Chronicle had a nice story in the Saturday paper featuring yours truly. It was especially cool because I got to hang out with my friend, Mike Kepka, the photographer for the story. He does absolutely amazing work profiling some of the city’s coolest and weirdest and wildest denizens, and even has a […] (Read more...) ...more

I went to the woods…

Categories: Blog It’s like releasing a song, this first day of summer. You can hear it in her eyes, wide and distant, dreaming. You can hear it in the hands, describing in the air all the things they want to do: We’ll build a teepee, a bow and arrow ....more

The best last minute Father’s Day gift guide ever

Categories: Blog My friend Andy Hinds wrote an amazing and fascinating story in the Daily Beast the other day about “The Year of the Dad,” hitting on all the gains fatherhood has made in a pop culture that generally treats them like enormous, doofy man children. Sell us razors and cars and we’re hip, sexy dudes with […] ( ...more

I’m bubbly and cheery damn it.

Categories: Blog I’m a voracious reader. Anything with words on a page … I’ll read it. Book club thinkers ....more

Oh the tangled webs we … something something something

Categories: Blog Emme got a kick out of the surprise laser circus in her bedroom tonight. She opened the door, looked at the confusing web of doom, and then promptly found a giant, gaping hole I had apparently missed — missed even after setting it all up and extricating myself in a belly shuffle that was all […] (Read more...) ...more

Best gifts for Father’s Day!

Categories: Blog You can buy the science book here. And then the craft book here. Once your shopping cart is ready to go, all you need to do is enter the “awesome” discount code and you’ll receive the second one for half off ....more

Clearly we need to mark toys for girls and boys

Categories: Blog This “gender neutral” skateboard is really confusing, because now I don’t know where to put my penis. Thanks, Target! Gah ....more

We don’t need more strong girls in movies

Categories: Blog Just about every time a children’s movie comes out, or any movie for that matter, you can hear the inevitable cry: Where are all the strong girls? “Where are the strong girls? The brave girls? ...more