Is the bounty so close?

The other day we the hubs put a new round of seed out for the birds in the feeder. It had been awhile – they are such pigs, I grew tired of watching how fast they plow through those expensive … Continue reading → ...more

Growing Mushrooms Inside Your House

Some Pacific Northwest people have gone outside to get mushrooms during this recent bumper crop of fungi, but not us. Did you know you could grow mushrooms inside from a kit from Cascadia Mushrooms? I had no idea until after … Continue reading → ...more

Odes to Autumn

Before October ends, I had to get these photos of our local Bainbridge fall colors out. I’m so glad I took these shots because we had strong winds blow a lot of these leaves off just a day later. I hope you enjoy them! ...more

How to Start the Business Blog You Meant to Write

You got your company’s website up. Maybe you went somewhere for help or DIY’d it. And what sounded good at the time? ...more

How to Go Ziplining (for anxious, whiny babies)

Are you like me? Have you become a parent, settled down into home life and couch-dom and gained weight accumulated more and more anxieties? While at the same time drinking wine and enviously watching others soar through life on tv , confronting gravity and their fears? ...more

Old friendship is less of a plant and more of a chair.

This weekend I’m meeting up with tequila and Mexican food three friends from school for some girl time. We originally met in Austin, Texas but none of us lives there anymore. We scattered, like people do after graduating, and then we scattered again ....more

Birthday means….

chocolate! Happy Birthday to me! And all the other September birthdays (like my dad and much-missed father-in-law)! ...more

Port Townsend Wooden Boat Festival – Come see!

It may be after Labor Day and you may not be wearing your white shoes anymore come on, people! , but Mother Nature’s still squeaking out some glorious warm days in the Pacific Northwest. We took advantage and headed to the Port Townsend Wooden Boat Festival (an easy, 1 1/2 hour drive from Bainbridge Island) on one of those days.The place was packed, three boats thick, on the docks ....more

Dog Ownership: An Eight-Foot Love Triangle

We’ve all heard it: a dog is “Man’s Best Friend.” This is never more true than in my own house. We have an eight-foot triangle. See, I love my dog dearly, but she has made it abundantly clear in her almost twelve years that she doesn’t love me ....more

Top 5 Tips for Blackberry Picking

We’ve had a sunny summer on Bainbridge Island (sunsunsunsun! we shall now call it “sunner!” instead of “summer”) and the blackberries are already bursting all over the place. That means all over the island people are picking berries and whining and getting pricked by those spiky tendrils ....more