I am Doing the Best I Can

Doctor, Feminist, Thinker, Creator, Blogger. Student, Teacher, Observer. Woman, Mother, Wife and Rabbit Servant to two House Rabbits.

Wife to son of Black Panthers from Detroit, and Mother to one badass biracial daughter. 

Finished my PhD in Early Childhood Education in 2012 and am now a Professor of Education at a University in the Midwest. It's been quite and adventure.

Helicopter? More like laser guided bunker buster.

I've become that mom, ya'll. The one who calls people and demands things.Well, I mean I was always kind of that mom but my justification was that she was still in K-12! She needed me! ...more

The real reason

Em: "Hey Mom! You've got like three episodes of Walking Dead on your DVR!"Me: "Yeah. I can't bear to watch it right now."Em: "Why not? ...more

Mel ankh o lee

My rabbit died Wednesday night.I held Jackson, first as I tried to warm him and syringe feed him, and later as he had seizures that left him gasping for air in between. His death was far more gentle than Coco who fought to the end. He just...stopped ....more

Yep, we were there


Still I'll rise

I don't really have much to say about the election that hasn't been said by people more eloquent than I.In our home, we have had to comfort our child. An openly gay black young woman who sobbed in my arms at 1 a.m. on November 9th. "Half of the country hates me", she whispered.Later when Terrance and I talked about this, he gently soothes my outrage ....more


What's up?Here? Not much, you know. Beginning of school tumult ....more


I finding myself spinning off into dreamy contemplation as of late.It's the season, I know. Hot and humid, my hair in ringlets every morning after sleeping in the steam bath of my room, I wake from restless dreams of dancing.The cicadas thrumm in the yard, unseen but omniscient.I get sleepy by mid afternoon, only to find myself wide awake at midnight when the air cools down and I rediscover music that makes me cry.The earth is hot, the grass is dry. I smell the indolent eroticism of river ....more

Time makes you bolder

Children get olderI've spent the summer thus far in service to college visits. ...more


I stood at the sink this afternoon, hands under running water, slicing strawberries.I'd finished cutting the peppers. Then I tackled the jicama. Bit by bit, the raw produce was washed and peeled if needed then assembled into the containers for the fridge.It's easier if I do all the prep work as soon as I get home ....more

I don't need that pressure, Ron.

In Target:Emily: I don't get "fitbit".Me: Neither do I. I don't need that kind of pressure in my life.Woman in target looking at the FitBit display: Oh, actually they're really fun! ...more