Susan J. Owens is a writer, marketing consultant, wife and mother to four boys. Her  blog, Susiej, focuses on creating a heathly lifestyle through food, fitness, gardening, as well as imparting bits of wisdom through her parenting adventures.  Her work also appears in national publications, and she consults with Fortune 500 companies across the globe to help them create meaningful connections with their customers and employees.  

And, He’s Off…

I have never worried about the way he drives, until I rode with him as a passenger. “You know, it’s not mandatory that you pass cars every time there is a dotted line…” That’s all I said… because, at this point, just being with him, observing him, is more delightful than telling him what to do all the time. I’ve done enough of that over the years ....more

What Brothers Are For

The literature teacher asked him to write a short little bio; something to show her who he is as a reader; who he is in the family. ...more

The Fun Mom Plays I Spy

I was waiting at the high school for him, and he was running late. With four boys all starting school tomorrow, my time is limited. I am in short supply and I am in high demand ....more

A Fire On A Friday Afternoon

The last Friday before school stars, and we spent it making a fire in the wind so that we could make pudgy pies. ...more

Kickball: I Am Not Chosen For My Athletic Qualities, But I’m Chosen

Remember those sprints I was running last spring? Well, let me just say, it’s a good thing I did. Because, playing kickball with your teenage sons — that’s a run for your money ....more

The Light We See is Shifting

Have you noticed it? It is not as subtle as you would imagine. But the sun, even when it is shining its very brightest, and doing its hardest work, is not bright ....more

Keeping The Home Fires Burning

The kids left, and walked back home, leaving us alone with the “grown-ups” to catch up on everything. When we walked back home, we could see that kitchen table light glowing from outside, and we could hear the Ukuele, a guitar, a couple of boys singing off-key and the sound of cards being shuffled. Once inside, I saw that the kitchen was no longer clean, and was a dishelved mess with a single dirty pan on the back burner of the stove ....more

The Working Son’s Lunch

Each weekday morning, at the crack of dawn, this young man sets out to conquer the world — building that base of cash he needs for college. ...more

It’s Not As Bad As My Imagination Tells Me It’s Going To Be

His “box” from college is sitting in the basement, waiting for us to pack him up and take him back. The same box we loaded last fall. ...more

Red Clover For Hot Flashes: And Bone Loss

I knew it was hot outside, but why was I suddenly radiating heat? ...more