Susan J. Owens is a writer, marketing consultant, wife and mother to four boys. Her  blog, Susiej, focuses on creating a heathly lifestyle through food, fitness, gardening, as well as imparting bits of wisdom through her parenting adventures.  Her work also appears in national publications, and she consults with Fortune 500 companies across the globe to help them create meaningful connections with their customers and employees.  

When People Are Interested in Your Vacation Photos

Over a lush lawn of bright green spring grass, sits a half—filled crumbled paper lawn bag, propped up on the legs of the landscaper, likely the owner of the house. One hand has left the rake stand still, while the other hand holds his hat against his chest. It takes a second to register, until I realize he was paying his respects, as we in the funeral cavalcade drive by ....more

Parent to Teen: Universal Language

Share This: In the morning, before I’ve finished my first cup of tea, I listen to the blaring sounds of the latest tunes on Pandora, a station of songs not meant for my generation to hear before 10 a.m. I don’t say a word about the decibels. Instead, I routinely...more

One Second Between

Share This: You know how you want them to best friends, and they’re not? And sometimes, the way they argue and pick on each other, you start to imagine the future and Christmas dinners when their families all get together, and you think — we are going to be that family that shows up on the news around the holidays? And it will not be because of how many hours we spent in the soup kitchen ....more

Making Soda At Half The Calories: Soda Water

Share This: The thing I love about making my own Ginger Bug Soda is the fizz. The way you twist the cap, and the sound of the pop, and then the way it cackles over the ice cubes. And no, I wouldn’t dream of drinking a store-bought fructose-laden syrup full of artificial flavoring ....more

I Don’t Think That Needle of Time Has Moved an Inch

Share This: I lift my head to watch the kids lining up on the track, scanning the runners to see if my boy is there. It’s been, what 6 or 7 years? And I still think I see those other boys here? ...more

When the Jelly Beans Started Rolling, I Realized I Had Done Too Much

Share This: The 5 PM Easter Egg Hunt got moved to midnight, and then, some of us still weren’t all home then. So, we had it at the outrageous time of 1 PM in the afternoon on Easter Sunday. The Easter Bunny came, and didn’t leave the exact same sized chocolate bunny for each basket, and that was more trouble than it was worth ....more

Easter Egg Hunt at 5

Share This: From Easter Egg Hunts Past Last year, we took the stuffed eggs home in plastic grocery bags from the lake, because we never did find a spare moment to to the traditional hunt. ...more

It Was Just So Soothing To Leave Every Note Touched

Share This: For weeks, my very own son, sat down at the piano, hunched over the keyboard, iPad off to the side, tuned to Youtube where they were giving guided lessons on Twenty One Pilot piano solos. He invited me to help him work out a few chords, or to show him the fingering for a tricky section. We struggled together over the passages that were in the key of F#, and he had so much trouble remembering that when you start with E, every B will always be flat, and with G, every F will be sharp ....more

We Waited Until the Late Afternoon

Share This: when the sun wasn’t so hot to start our excursion. And, we saw a tortoise. There were a couple of snakes, but they were too fast for the camera ....more

On Choosing Not To Wrestle Alligators

Share This: I really shouldn’t be running. Not cut out for it, and I never have been. At least I run alone ....more