Susan J. Owens is a writer, marketing consultant, wife and mother to four boys. Her  blog, Susiej, focuses on creating a heathly lifestyle through food, fitness, gardening, as well as imparting bits of wisdom through her parenting adventures.  Her work also appears in national publications, and she consults with Fortune 500 companies across the globe to help them create meaningful connections with their customers and employees.  

Exploding Pumpkins at the Kitchen Science Lab Birthday Party

Remember the Mad Science Parties? Nobody has them anymore. The problem was, as I remember them, the kids were all sitting down during those mad science demonstrations ....more

Supplies Needed: Chex Mix, Iphone Chargers

The roast was braised, and simmered — but I had yet to find time to cook the potatoes I would later mash. I was busy getting his room ready, and even after every picture was in place, that open window of time never came. In the flurry of his first college visit home, I did my best to give him “space.” I didn’t bombard him with questions and to-dos...more

Three Lumps of Sugar

We are an unlikely group. ...more

Brilliantly Infused Turkey Baster

I read a tip in an old cookbook that suggested using rosemary sprigs as a turkey baster. But wouldn’t it...more

On Missing The Lunar Eclipse

The clearest barometer of how out-of-sync you are with nature is your track record of catching the “eclipses” that occur in your lifetime. I have a rotten record. You too? ...more

He’s Coming Home

There is a “fall break.” It’s just two days, no school this coming Thursday and Friday — so he’s will be arriving home on Wednesday night. There are quite a few other schools doing the same exact thing — which means they will all get to see their friends. Personally, I can’t imagine how fun that would be ....more

Kitchen Peg Board At The Lake

Our family is the family that can never find the scissors. And, we’re the family that uses the “strainer” all the time. For tea, for chicken broth, for pasta ....more

How safe is your car pool? (Enter For A Chance to Win Your Own Booster Seat)

This is a sponsored post is brought to you by AAA and Plumbline1. The playground carpool. It starts innocently enough – and it’s the most common conversation shared by moms of elementary school kids ....more

Moms With A Camera: What It’s All About

I’ll tell you what it’s about. I’ve been sitting in stadium bleachers, riverbanks, woods and tracks for quite a few years now, with my camera, holding steady up to my eye, catching everything. Over the years, my lens has shifted… I once took photos of all the “great moments” the scores — searching for something to fill a picture frame, or a memory book — for him ....more

Three Simple, Effective Ways to Wash Produce

All produce, whether organic or not, is susceptible to bacteria. Just think back to the most recent salmonella recall — organic spinach. All produce is covered with micro organisms from soil, fungi, dust and bacteria-causing germs ....more