What Do I Know?

Kathy Flake writes under the pseudonym Kathryn Barrett. Her blog What Do I Know is primarily about her experiences living as an American ex-pat in England.

Goodbye Cruel World, And I Do Hope I Don't Mean That Literally

Sad Lincoln. (Photo taken by me at the White House.) I happened upon this blog the other day (searching for a recipe, which is the main reason I come here anymore) and saw Matt Lauer's face, leering from the most recent...more

Donald Trump Wins the Clown Forum

Matt Lauer...more

Two Years On: Harbingers of Plague and Wine

A department store...more

Michelle Obama: Think of the Children

Michelle Obama's speech last night at the DNC in Philadelphia was centered on her children and on ours. It was one of the most effective and emotionally compelling speeches I've ever seen—and make no mistake, it was effective because it was emotionally compelling. Before she spoke, a video showed her with children all across America, children who love her: "She's probably one of my favorite first ladies ....more

Friday Deer Blogging

We got some photos of the deer this week on the new trail cam—the old one, which we got for Christmas, broke right after the big snow. Fortunately, the manufacturer sent a replacement, an improved model at that....more

Will Trump Become President?

Is there any way to stop the Donald?...more

Getting Along Like Cats and Dogs

A standoff, near the entrance to the kitchen Cats and dogs weren't meant to live together, my dog tells me, and if the cat could talk, he would say the same....more

Friday Deer Blogging

Five deer in the...more

Eleven! We're Eleven!

An early photo of me, in the actual act of blogging....more