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Friday Dose of Cute: Have an Off Duty Weekend.

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Monday Dose of Cute: Kit Kat Capers

What is she thinking? We'd all like to know. [Scene: the kitchen of a quiet farmhouse in the middle of nowhere at dawn, where two cats and two dogs are sleeping peacefully and a third cat is about to jump onto the windowsill.] Mrrroooowwwww ....more

Friday Dose of Cute: Have a Laid Back Weekend.

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Sunday Dose of Oh Snow Cute

First time mother Ida and her three day old baby boy.I snapped these photos nearly a month (!) ago, but the barnyard looks just like this now—except these lambs are a lot bigger and there are a lot more of them bouncing around.Until just a few years ago we didn't start lambing until March or April, so seeing lambs on snow was a rarity. This winter, like much of the rest of the country, we've had more snowstorms and days with snow on the ground than we probably have in the last 19 years.It's white out there again today (though it's mostly ice or ice pellets or whatever they call it when it piles up on the ground but is immediately slick as can be), and we're expecting an arctic blast and 3 to 5 inches of snow by morning. I always thought that zero degrees (F) was too cold for it to snow, but I guess we're going to find out.Treacherous or not, the frozen landscape is lovely to look at, and our little lambs show up so much better against the bright white of snow than the usual dark winter ground.Just layer on the outerwear and watch your step ....more

Tuesday Dose of Cute: Two Thumbs and Six Paws Up for SHEBA® Food for Cats

I’ve always been a cat lover, and when I moved from urban California to rural Missouri 19 years ago, I brought four cats along with me. Then the remote farm I bought came with seven resident felines. Did I mention they were semi-feral? ...more

Thursday Dose of Cute: Welcome to Babyland

FLB's four-day-old twins on January 30th. It's lambing season! Still ....more

Friday Dose of Cute: Have a Wild and Wooly Weekend

Lambing season is going to start any minute. More photos below Click here for the rest of this post » ...more

Monday Dose of Cute: Rise and Shine

And be brave. Wishing you a wonderful week! More chickens? ...more

Monday Farm Photo: Is 2014 Your Year for Yoga?

It's -11F (and -26 with the windchill)? Let's stay inside and do some yoga! Did you make any goals for the new year? ...more

Tuesday Dose of Donkey Cute: New Year's Eve Wish

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