A Passover repast…and a farewell

God knows what possessed me to throw a Passover seder this week. Maybe it was the Drama Teen telling me she wanted to do more “Jewish things.” Maybe it was the fact that I’d attended two seders already. Possibly it was the idea that, these days at least, I have the notion that I can pull this sorta thing off ....more

Ensalada de bacalao…it’s what’s for breakfast

All I wanted was one of those little tortilla presses. Lettie told me they cost $5 at any number of Mexican supermarkets....more

All Good: Gwyneth’s Roasted Chickpeas and Cauliflower

I’m sure Gwyneth is a nice gal. But I’ve always had a big problem with famous celebrities touting the good life from on top of their fortress of privilege....more

Immersion Learning: Chestnut and Chickpea Soup

Chop chop! Behold! My new immersion blender! ...more

Valentine’s Day Effort: Chocolate Beet Cake

It’s a total pain in the ass to make this chocolate beet cake. Let me just say that first. But if it’s Valentine’s Day and you happen to be in love with a chef, then maybe you’ll want to make the effort ....more

Old-School Steel-Cut Oats

More than 20 years ago, late in the 20th century, my friend Stacy and I would meet on Sundays at a little diner just off Grammercy Park in NYC. Oftentimes there’d be a wait. Sometimes a really long wait ....more

Blueberry-Thyme Soup with Honey Vanilla Mascarpone: It’s what’s for dinner

hard to believe I’ve been swapping soup with friends and family in these parts since 2007. This year we had our second such soup swap at our friendly neighborhood wine bar. All the big cookers were there ....more

BHC Seal of Approval: Siggi’s Icelandic style yogurt

Almost indescribably good… I’m on a road trip this holiday and we stop into a store to buy yogurt. That’s all we need for breakfast, we agree. Just yogurt (and coffee, obviously) ....more

Let us now praise the Hot Toddy

Sure is cold out there. Know what you need? A hot toddy ....more

Best Cranberries EVER!

You there. I’ve got the cranberry recipe you’re looking for. It’s from my friend Dorothy’s seriously awesome blog, Shockingly Delicious....more