Fewer Eggs

When I was 22 and pregnant with Loren I couldn’t imagine a time when life would not be screaming with the chaos of childhood. Two days ago Lo turned twenty. He came home for the weekend and we celebrated the glory of him ....more

When Divorce Breathes Life Into Your Marriage

Editor's Note: When you and your partner feel pressured into marriage, the chances of everything working out the way it is "supposed" to are slim. If the love is there, though, you can definitely make it work. It might just mean taking a non-traditional approach to strengthening your relationship. Read this honest piece about how divorcing breathed new life into one couple's marriage. ...more

Fingers crossed

One of the more grueling aspects of parenting is that there never seems to be any sort of hiatus, at least not that I can tell. These past few years with Loren have been hard. I find myself holding  my breath, watching and wondering who and what he will become. It’s not like the toddler years when I wondered when he would ever walk. I knew he would and that he would do it well, it just took about 16 ...more

Candied babies

It’s no secret that I’m a fairly half-assed Catholic. My Sunday Mass attendance is roughly 50% and my beliefs are shaky at best. However, I usually try to hop on the Advent and Lenten wagons. Some years my church attendance sky rockets during these season, usually my Lenten vows fall by the wayside within days of proclaiming them ....more

A beautiful bruise

I’ve long thought there is something so utterly heartbreaking about parenthood. It’s beautiful, yes, but I suspect the ache that appears along with the birth of a child never disappears. A large part of this is fear. That ball of life that comes barreling through is yours to protect from all things scary or sharp for all of time.What I have found is that the scary things morph and the sharp things get pointier ....more

My cats are enormous jerks

Matt doesn’t ask for much. He’s not a materialistic guy. So when he puts in a request I sort of try to take notice and maybe make it happen. Sometime back in November he mentioned a couple times how nice it would be to have the Christmas tree up for Thanksgiving dinner. He thought it would be cozy. Of course I initially scoffed but after he brought it up a second or third time I thought maybe it might be ...more

Reach for the stars

There is some saying that goes something like “Show me a successful man and behind him I’ll show you a strong, more successful woman.” Maybe that’s not spot-on, but it is somewhere in the ballpark. Here is my twist on that tired saying: Show me an over achieving high schooler and I’ll show you an exhausted, near to tears mother. A mother who has grown to despise the coaches, hate fundraisers and think not so secret mean thoughts about ...more


Lately I’ve often wondered if it’s too late to start over, evolve, re-up. Maybe I’m too old, at 42, to change things and start anew ....more

Anybody have a butt-bra I can borrow?

In September I turned 42. That number could indicate I’m mid-life, meaning I’ll be 84 when all is said and done. It could mean that most of my 30′s kinda sucked so the 40′s are my reward. However, from I’ve seen thus far it means gravity is out to nail me on a daily basis ....more

The Pinterest illusion

I’m a creative sort. In addition to being so I’m also fairly competent in executing my visions, if I actually finish them. There are boxes upon boxes in our basement of my incomplete tasks. See, here’s the thing with creativity, it’s all about the visions. You get a vision, you know exactly how it the project will look upon completion and you don’t worry so much about the in-between stuff. Visions, man ....more