Family Renunion Day 2, or Possibly 3: Teenagers sleep through breakfast buffet, wake up hungry

Greetings from the Kamikaze Family Reunion 2015, where we have taken over a beachfront hotel...more

Snowy spring renews age-old weather debate

People are always asking me, "Suburban, we know that you are a creature of the tropics trapped in a frozen wasteland of deep-dish pizza eating people who mispronounce their vowel sounds, but if you were to move back to South Florida, wouldn't you miss the change of seasons?"...more

8 Things Moms of Teenage Girls Can Cross off Their List of Worries

8. Are we getting enough sprinkle cupcakes in our diet? 7. Do we have enough nail polish to get us through to the end of time? 6 ....more

This week in lost causes: Perspective

Click on the picture to see all 6 Winter Survival Tips ....more

Top 10 Life Coaches to Hire in 2015

As a semi-professional woman living in one of America's coolest coldest cities, I have a front row seat to the latest trends among the so-called Movers and Shakers - who, btdubs, are no longer referred to as "Movers and Shakers," that being a term that was retired 11 minutes ago, in favor of "People with Jobs," and also by their hashtag, #PWJs. It can be very hard to keep up with these people, given that they are in a near-constant state of moving, shaking and otherwise doing the things that the rest of us will be trying to do 6-18 months from now, depending on our demographic group and proximity to the Heartland ...more

No drawer big enough to hold our 2015 ambitions

The first day of a new year is a day in which no ambition is out of reach. Everything seems possible. Which is why I know I am not just organizing a drawer as 2015 opens on the Kamikaze family - I am turning the page on an entirely new way of living ....more

Christmas 2014 shaping up to be the least artisanal Christmas ever

There was a small part of me that believed there would be seasonal decor and greenery adorning the planters on the back deck by Christmas morning, at the latest. Was I wrong? Not entirely ....more

The 12 Days of Teen Christmas

On the first day of Christmas my teenager texted me: Just to let you know its not all my mess. Also, I’m going to clean it up. On the second day of Christmas my teenager texted me: Are you planning to go the store anytime soon? ...more

We may have to rethink our hiring practices

Click on the image to see how Teenage Boy fared in the review process ....more

Number of light bulbs may vary

Click on the picture to see how the process changes through the years. Then ask yourself, who would even ask a teenager to change a light bulb? ...more