Stirrup Queens

I'm the Blogging & Social Media editor as well as the Health editor at BlogHer.  Which means some days I'm talking about new ways to navigate Facebook and then turning around and discussing your heart health.

I write Stirrup Queens when I'm not reading other people's blogs, cooking, or chasing after my twins.

I'm the author of four books: Life from Scratch (Belle Books, 2010), a novel about blogging, Measure of Love (Belle Books, 2013), and the forthcoming Apart at the Seams (Belle Books, 2014).  I also wrote Navigating the Land of If (Seal Press, 2009), a non-fiction book about infertility and pregnancy loss.  You can always find information about my books on my author site.  Plus I love to talk about writing and publishing.

You can find me on Facebook and on Twitter. And you can reach me via email at

Show Up and Write

This is what I do. I show up. Even when I don’t feel like writing, I sit down and write ....more

How Will Our Children Survive the Zombie Apocalypse if They Don’t Have Home Ec?

When I was in middle school, I took Home Economics (lovingly abbreviated to Home Ec)....more

507th Friday Blog Roundup

I want a secret treasure room. It doesn’t even need to be a secret. It could be a completely-out-in-the-open treasure room ....more

Violently Uncomfortable Meghan McCain Talks About Artificial Wombs

Meghan McCain doesn’t like the idea of artificial wombs. She doesn’t like the idea of wombs outside a woman’s body. She doesn’t like scientists “messing with embryos.” (For those utilizing IVF, I’m sure you weren’t aware of this, but “messing” is the clinical term for what embryologists do with your gametes.) She doesn’t like people […] ...more

Fighting for Attention Online

Image: Aurelie via Flickr I read a line today in a friend’s Facebook status that stuck with me: “fighting for attention online.” Yes, the Internet is an infinite space, but attention is a finite resource....more

Robin Williams

Josh told me about Robin Williams while I was in the middle of cooking dinner. I spent most of the time that I was stirring the sauce thinking about his children. Then I thought about the Mork suspenders I wore in elementary school, and how I got bullied for wearing them, not least of which […] ...more

What I Want to Be When I Grow Up

It’s the end of summer, which always makes me weepy....more

The Radio Race

Josh went on a radio race last weekend with KCRW. He received the theme for the contest on Saturday afternoon, and then had 24 hours to pull together a four-minute radio clip. It was his first time doing something like this, and I love the end result ....more

506th Friday Blog Roundup

I was reading Susan Sontag’s best productivity tips on Lifehacker, and they were… as you would suspect from Sontag… simple and brilliant: I will have lunch only with Roger. (‘No, I don’t go out for lunch.’ Can break this rule once every two weeks.) I will write in the Notebook every day. (Model: Lichtenberg’s Waste […] ...more

Be Kind

My library book was due....more