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A stay-at-home-mom living in Germany with her two girls, her German husband and a Golden Retriever; blogging passionately about parenting, home and garden, DIY and hopefully creative and successful experiments in the kitchen.

Look Who Turned 4

Yey, Rikki is now 4-years-old! A day my girls cannot forget. Because it is also the same day every year that Nickolodeon Germany has declared a playtime date ....more

Sunday's Dinner: Cherries and Asparagus

It's the season for asparagus and cherries... so, we enjoyed them for our early Sunday dinner! First my husband and IC drove to the next city to buy fresh asparagus tips and strawberries; then they raided our garden for the red, red, cherries! ...more

Black Forest Summer High

We've got a short break before the school starts, and here we are enjoying the sun and the water in our Black Forest camping ground. Our dog and the girls decided to explore the river beside our pitch as soon as we arrived... As soon as we arrived, Rikki jumped into the river to.. ....more

Not Yet Red is our Garden

So IC needs to finish her class' Tree Journal Project and we finally went down to check our garden. I think this is our first time to go down and really look around the backyard this year. We know that it's a bit of a jungle, but we didn't realize that there's color coming out already! ...more

Lucky to Have These Aromatic Bread Choices

These bread choices I would never have tasted, but because of our coffee and bake shop; I am enjoying their freshly-baked smell and savoring their taste. No wonder my rice cooker has been taking a break :-) SB-BackCafe's NEW bread choices: Crusty Bread, Traditional Rye Crusty Bread, Bear's Leek.. ....more

Ever tasted Holzofenbrot?

If you are anywhere near SB-BackCafe' in Sinsheim this Tuesday, 2 June and you want to taste an original Holzofenbrot, come and visit! We're having a bread tasting day from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. The image is from the Bäckerei Emert. What's a Holzofenbrot? ...more

How our dinner table looks like now...

Yup, that's how our normal meal table looks like at present. Loads and loads of rolls and croissants and pretzels, plus a little bit of rice and a big bowl of green salad with the secret salad sauce that is popular in our coffee shop. I am not complaining, not yet anyway :-) I guess I am still.. ....more

Pros and Cons of Owning a Cafe

Just a short post sharing some interesting things I learned for the last past two weeks since we took-over the SB-BackCafe'... Pro: There's enough food, except.. Con:.. ....more

Happy Mother's Day

The same procedure every Mother's Day. IC stood guarding the bedroom early morning, 'Mama, you are not allowed to go down,' she emphasized. Who's complaining? ...more

I was loving

I was loving the vaccum cleaner a day (or to be more precise, 10 hours before :-D) we finally opened SB-Backcafe'....more