Nothing But Bonfires

Holly Burns has a British passport, an American driver’s license, and the tendency to experience a minor identity crisis whenever people ask her where she’s from. Born in England, she grew up all over Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, and is very likely scarred for life after attending ten schools before her tenth birthday. Her personal blog, Nothing But Bonfires, traces her life as a British ex-pat in the U.S., where she is never entirely sure which way to pronounce “basil” or “tomato.” She works as an editor for Travelocity and lives in San Francisco with her web designer boyfriend and two embarrassingly enormous cats.

Sleeping In Seattle

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And In The End We All Survived

First of all, thank you so, so, so much for all your kind and compassionate and encouraging comments about my return to work. I read them over and over, and they helped me so much to feel better about it all. I worked from home last Wednesday, Thursday and Friday—the equivalent of inching body-part-by-body-part into the swimming pool, as opposed to just cannonballing in from the diving board; highly recommended if you can swing it—and then today I actually went back to the office for real ....more

These Days Are Numbered

I go back to work on Wednesday. Even writing that sentence, my heart simultaneously plummeted and soared, like when you get on an elevator that you think is going down but then the doors close and it starts going up....more

A Lot Of Words About 2013

Oh hey, remember me? Here I am on the very last day of 2013, squeezing in one last blog post so I can say that I updated eight times since mid-July instead of seven. I mean, I don't know who I think I'd be saying this to—the imaginary blogging police, I can only assume, who presumably monitor this kind of thing?—but anyway, there you go ....more

Like I Need A Hole In The Head

I just realized that I never even told you about a terrible thing that happened! I mean, it wasn't a terrible terrible thing, but it sure wasn't an afternoon in a dive bar with Mark Ruffalo or anything. (Hey, did I say the number one thing I wanted for Christmas was sleep?...more

I Wrote This Entire Thing Without Taking A Breath Can You Tell

Thank you, thank you, thank you for all your wise and helpful comments on my last post. You know, sometimes I feel like I just can't be bothered with blogging anymore—all the sponsored this, Pinterest-fodder that—and I think "eh, I'll just show myself out quietly, there's nothing in this for me anymore," and then you, all you wonderful people, weigh in on a subject with your thoughts and your advice and your experiences and I realize that what I've always valued most of all about writing online read more ...more

Party At My Crib

Look, let me just tell you once and for all that when it comes to babies and sleep, things are every bit as terrible as you would imagine. As in, once you have one, you probably won't be getting very much of it at all....more

There Is No Narrative Construct To This Blog Post But I Hit Publish So I'm Calling It A Victory

Hello! I just got back from a week in a cabin in Northern Michigan—actually, I kept calling it a cabin but it was really just a condo decorated very rusticly and located in a woodsy setting—with a small portion of my family. My parents got lots of grandkid time,...more

You Are Doing Just Fine

One of the things that has surprised me so much about having a baby—and there is so much that does...more

Parents Of Twins, I Salute You

So having a baby is a little time-consuming, turns out. I know! Who'd have guessed! ...more