Punk Rock Parents

I am a 30 something year old who still feels 21. Heres the problem, this husband, 11 and 6 year old daughters are really cramping my style! My blog follows our daily adventures. We have husband Joey we follow along to see how long his beard is really going to get. And of course we follow the many crazy adventures of The Phi. Our smarty-pants 11 year old daughter who enjoys to spend her time trying to figure out how to get more time added to her tablet. Then there is Louie who spends her time running over princesses with her monster trucks and singing Macklemore songs at the top of her lungs, and promises to be more trouble than her sister ever was.

Their faces make it all worth it.

Every year the holiday stress is real. The lists, the shopping, the crowds, those last minute gifts I ALWAYS forget. Add to that all the travel and packing ....more

Merry Christmas from us to you...

by my talented Phi!...more

Worst Christmas Tree Ever...

When the kids were little we were able to get away with a little 5 foot fake tree that we had got on sale for like $15 in 2003. But about 5 years ago Phi wanted a big tree, a fuller tree, a real tree. So since then we have been getting an annual real Christmas tree ....more

NFG 1997-Forever

I had to wait a month to use my 40th birthday present from Joey. Like all mature 40 year olds all I wanted for my birthday was to see my favorite pop punk band New Found Glory on their 20th anniversary tour. The weeks crawled by and finally the big weekend was here! ...more

Our First Ever Parent Teacher Conference

Last week we had our first ever parent teacher conference. Now if this would have been for Phi there would have been no anxiety. We would have went in expecting Phi's teacher to give high praise for our brilliant child! ...more

Right in Our Backyard: Palm Springs Botanical Gardens

Lots and lots of pictures... you have been warned......more

A Date with a Tramp Named Oline

We have never taken the kids to a trampoline park before. Scratch that. I took them once, but we only got as far as the front doors when they turned us away because they were full for the day.Anyways, Phi and Louie had never been to a place like this ....more

Wee Rebel Books

In this house, books rule. The kids know that I can't say no when they ask for books. We have shelves full of books that we have to weed through often to make room for new books ....more

Sunday in San Diego

A few Sunday's ago we headed our to North Park in San Diego. There is a super cute shop down there called Artlexia. This shop was having it's first annual Dia de los Muertos celebration so we wanted to check it all out ....more


On a beautiful Saturday afternoon we took Elwood and spent the day at the Whitewater Preserve. This gem of a place has been a quick 20 minutes away from us the whole time! We got there a little after noon and we just got in the gate ....more