A Holy Day

So proud of my Sam for receiving his First Communion today. ...more

Jack Attack

Twelve years ago, Jack turned us into parents. ...more

The Miracle of Birth

A couple of Christmastimes ago, Luke asked me about Jesus being born in the manger. ...more

A Great Day

Unbelievably, my baby is 4. On the day before his birthday, he was able to celebrate at school: After school, we worked on his cake: Andrew was very patient while it baked. The inspiration for the cake was Andrew’s cape: Here’s how the cake turned out: On the day of his birthday, Dan woke AP up for an early donut run ....more

Just Hangin

Check out my new bike rack, built by Yours Truly! Now we can hang the bikes out of the way AND they swivel, so they can lie flatter against the wall. Will probably add a shelf, too ....more

The Boys Don’t Get It

Maria and I just returned from a “Girls’ Trip” to Austin. ...more

One of THOSE Days

The morning started in the usual manner:...more

A Sweep!

Maybe all the planning, late nights, sawdust, noise, graphite and drilling were worth it after all. Nah. Still, it was nice to see it all come to fruition ....more

The Race

Last weekend, Dan and Luke got into a heated argument and Luke started spouting off about how he could beat his Dad in a foot race. Dan wasn’t going to let that one go....more


My fool child: He came in wet and cold from shoveling, but left the shovels lying around in the yard....more