Growing My Kids in Seattle

I'm the mom of a 6 year-old boy and a 4 year-old girl. We live in Seattle's Queen Anne neighborhood. I'm a travel writer for Trekaroo, a family travel site and a grad student. Also, I blog at my personal blog and at my review blog (

Send sunshine

It's 50 degrees here today. And raining. And I haven't seen the sun yet today and it's almost lunchtime ....more

The school year is off to a slightly sluggish start

Ethan's struggled with his reading for... forever. He finally started making progress late last school year ....more

In which my kids went back to school and it was a really good thing

This summer will definitely be one that sticks in my mind for a while. It was just endlessly LONG. I had deliberately not signed the kids up for any camps or anything particularly structured, which turned out to be a good thing, in light of the amount of time we spent up in Vancouver ....more

The hardest parenting day

Saturday was my father-in-law's funeral. We'd traveled up after he passed, then back to Seattle for a GI appointment for Ethan (he got his feeding tube taken out! Hurray!), then stayed for the delayed first day of school (teacher strike), then headed back to Canada after school on Thursday ....more


Throughout this summer, Daniel's dad has pretty consistently declined after Daniel has left to come home. So it was no surprise to us when he slipped into an unconscious state on Thursday. Daniel had come home Wednesday after saying his goodbyes ....more

All of the feels.

Daniel has now been up in Canada since Thursday night. His dad rallied for a few days, then was in terrible shape last night, so Daniel stayed the night with him in hospice.Daniel's dad has always had an interesting relationship with the rest of the family, at least from my perspective as someone coming into the family from a different culture and family background. His dad was firmly in the role as provider when Daniel was growing up and Daniel's mom and grandmother did the parenting type stuff ....more

The end of the summer.

My parents are in town and we took them up to Vancouver last Thursday so that they could say goodbye to Daniel's dad. On Friday, when we went over to see Daniel's parents, his dad was still alert and able to walk around the house. He was in some pain, but it was largely manageable ....more

Bike rides and the continued suckitude of cancer

Daniel rode his bike to Vancouver, BC this weekend. He's the type of person that finds it fun to ride his bike 200+ miles on the weekend. I worry about him ....more

Ethan is Eight!

I'm sitting in my dining room trying to wrap my brain around the idea of my first baby being 8 years old. Not sure how that came about so quickly. It's not been a stellar birthday so far ....more

Being a witness to the process of dying

We're just home from another trip up to Vancouver. Daniel had just gotten home from Vancouver on Tuesday night, so we had planned to take this weekend off before heading up again later. But on Thursday, the home care nurse came to talk to his parents about future planning ....more