Random Delightful Gift: the Toddy Wedge

Here’s a random product that I tried out this fall that I have been meaning to share with you: the Toddy Wedge. It’s just a little bean-bag filled triangle thingy that you can use to prop up your phone. There’s no charger or anything like that, and it’s soft and squishy ....more


Is it just me? The post Rainpocalypse appeared first on Agoura Hills Mom ....more

The Outtakes Are Better Than the Final Shot: Humorous Christmas Card From Minted

I love Christmas cards so much. I save the ones I receive and bundle them up with a ribbon when I pack up all of our Christmas decorations. At the beginning of December, when it’s time to decorate for the holidays again, I pull them out and leaf through them ....more

Malibu Country Mart’s Annual Winter Wonderland

Starting this Saturday, December 6, and running through December 20, the Malibu Country Mart will be transformed into a winter wonderland, SoCal style. There will be the usual suspects: Christmas tree, menorah, and twinkling lights. But on each of the December Saturdays before Christmas there will also be special activities ....more

Try Giving Memories Instead of Things – Slideshows by Bari

A slideshow of memories makes a lasting, meaningful gift Do the people in your life really need that box of cheap plastic crap that you can get on sale today for $4.99? Do you really want them to open a gift that they are going to forget the moment you walk out the door? Think about the moments you remember – the time spent together, the milestones, the shared experiences ....more

Kids Can Give Back With Charity Checks

I want to model giving back for my children. I have done this with my work for Help a Mother Out, a group that gets diapers to needy families. I do it with my volunteering at their school, and we do it together when we prepare donations of our gently used goods to local charities, and non-perishable food for the food bank ....more

AHM Recommends: Eppa Sangria

with Melanie Wynne and Candice Kahn Last week I attended an intimate party hosted by Romy Schorr of Romy Raves (disclosure, she is a dear friend, so I get to benefit from all the fabulous things she does) in honor of Eppa‘s red and white sangrias. with Romy Schorr I’ve written here before about my love of tasty adult beverages. My favorites are the refreshing drinks you can pour and serve on a hot day on the patio in the backyard ....more

On Being a Stay at Home Mom

I was thinking of posting a “flashback Friday” picture today, something from back when we first moved to Agoura Hills, and the blooms were still on the rose bushes, so to speak. I’m still so grateful to live here. I still look out my office window every morning over the rooftop of my neighbor’s house to see what the view is like ....more

A Pot of Lunch: Quinoa and Red Beans Recipe

Early this year I went through a diet overhaul. I had to find out what was giving me stomachaches and adjust what I eat accordingly. After a 90-day elimination diet which eliminated just about everything that gives a person a reason for living, my loose conclusion is: gluten and dairy ....more

Tender Greens – a Great Halfway Lunch Spot in Studio City

Salami and kale salad at Tender Greens in Studio City I’m always looking for good restaurants or bars where I can meet friends who live or work on the other side of Los Angeles. If someone’s coming from Pasadena or Beyond, or the downtown LA area, I look for places near the 405/101 intersection. Studio City is not too far east of that for me, especially if the timing is right and there are no presidents in town or major car crashes on the freeway ....more