We’ve come a long way since I started blogging in 2006

Hello dear readers!...more

An addition to my wedding ring set – we’ve spent $310 on my bling!

In May, to celebrate our 11th wedding anniversary and Mother’s Day, we bought an eternity band to go with my wedding and engagement ring. ...more

Our new-to-us sectional and a homemade plyo box

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Implementing a “Your Money or Your Life” wall chart

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Our yard and garden – five year update

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Should we prioritize our taxable savings over our retirement accounts?

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Giving our boys the world

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Kids need a Lego umbrella? Show them how to make one!

Our older son loves Lego. ...more

I cut my own hair!

And I really like how it turned out ...more

Cosmetic home improvement – making a list and waiting a few years

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