Monday Meander

I’m working 9:30-2:30 this week, except Friday, when I get done at 2:15 for some inexplicable reason, but whatever. It’s also pay week & with that unexpected 40 hour week it should be a decent one. We have football games Tuesday & Wednesday nights, both at our field ....more

Thing around here

Last week was rough....more

One Photo Twenty Words

Home from school with fever. Urgent Care says ear, sinus, throat & chest infection – get plenty of rest. One photo 20 words is a meme from Abi at Creating Paper Dreams ...more

New job old company

One of the many things occupying my time this past month or so is the search for a new job for me....more

June to August by the Numbers

Month in Numbers is a meme by Julie Kirk at notes on paper The month sort of just went by....more

This week

Last week of summer! We had plans for this week, but as usual those plans have been supplanted. Instead there will be the usual routine of practice, sandwiches, shouting at brothers by both other brothers and parents, threats, lies and photographs ....more

Those Who Do Not Learn from the Past

There has been a lot going on here that I don’t talk about because well, it’s just stuff....more

Monday Meander

We are supposed to have football practice 4 days this week (2 days with both boys, 2 days with one boy each) but it’s also supposed to rain all week. It’s certainly pouring out right now. Last week we were told Havoc’s team had a game this Saturday ....more

Scrapbook Saturday

A Project Life update! It is week 32. I have scrapped up to week 28 and have planned out weeks 29-31 (photos are edited & templates chosen) ....more

Zoom In Zoom Out

Yes, more grocery photos! We had a new market open last week and I stopped by to check it out. This is the ‘unusual meats’ section....more