I was born in 1944, back when there wasn't a lot of packaged and prepared food like there is today. The grocery stores were small and mothers cooked. Morbid obesity was unusual. I was a skinny little kid and that didn't change a lot until years later when I developed hypothyroidism. All the conventional wisdom told me it was almost impossible to take off the pounds I'd put on and I was getting desperate. My blog chronicles what finally put that theory to rest when I started transitioning to raw food.

In June, 2010, I went to see a naturopath in the Seattle area about some troubling symptoms I was having which included a pronounced tremor in my left hand. To help calm that, he prescribed eating fava beans twice a day which had to be cooked. My forum members all agreed that I could still claim 100% raw food because the beans were medicinal. They also proved to be the gateway drug to cooked.

While I still eat a lot of raw food, I have incorporated cooked food into my diet. I will continue to chronicle my life as a vegan. I will also publish raw recipes (and some simple cooked ones) from time to time. I still believe it's Awesome to be Rawsome!


Six o’clock came and I was out of bed. I did my routine things then took a bath and got dressed. I’d started fixing my breakfast smoothie when the phone rang ....more

Another What Next

It was raining a lot of this morning. I glanced out the window and was surprised to see there was snow mixed in with the rain. Not much later, it was all snow ....more

A Freeze Watch?

Weatherbug is getting an early start. There’s a freeze watch out for DS1, DS2, Twinkle and me, over to my sisters in North Carolina but it isn’t supposed to happen until tomorrow evening. It’s kind of confusing because it expires tonight ....more

Road Trip!

I’d checked on my cousin’s computer this morning and it hadn’t updated. I’d been hoping against hope but that didn’t help at all. I brought it home with me and she and I proceeded to text back and forth ....more

Of Tub Baths and Chocolate Mousse

That round tuit has been very elusive but I found it and decided I’d use it for a bath. That was yesterday. It was most satisfying ....more

In Hot Water?

Bedtime and I are not on the same wavelength. Seems no matter how hard I try, I can’t get there at a reasonable hour. I really am going to try harder tonight ....more

A Devious Day

The sun was out in all its glory but it did little to warm things up. Sure, my thermometer says it got up to 77 today but it’s lying. I really need to move that sensor out of the sun but the angle of the house is going to let it get hit one time or another no matter where I put it ....more

Braving the Shower

With the current “hot” water situation, I couldn’t be sure whether I wanted to cleanse my body or not. Believe me, I don’t want to get to the point where I stifle myself but it isn’t fun any more. It isn’t even pleasant ....more

All in the Family

When I woke, it was to another gloomy day. It had rained hard last night. Twenty-four hours’ worth of precip has totaled almost an inch and a half ....more


Daylight had come early. It tends to get earlier and earlier as spring wears on. I thought about donning my mask but I got up instead ....more