A Mom's Life

I am a stay at home mom to two kids.   I love my husband, my kids and my Catholic faith and usually, that's what I write about.

What's Dan going to do with all of his free time on Saturdays?

A couple of Saturdays ago, Dan started teaching Peter how to mow the yard.We have an acre so we have a riding mower....more

Girl Scouts at the beach!

The weekend before last, Sarah went to the beach with her Girl Scout Troop....more

Sometimes you just have to do it your way....

Thanks for all of your kind words and prayers after my last two posts.I have to admit I've been dreading Rebecca's anniversaries for about two months now....more

April 15, 2014. The longest day.

The day started like the few before it....more

Happy Birthday little one.

Today would have been Rebecca's first birthday....more

What I Wore Sunday and What I Did Sunday. Two for the price of one!

Our Easter didn't start off quite as expected....more

Look at these eggs!

The kids had a half day of school yesterday and now they are off until April 13th!...more


Have you guys heard of Firmoo?...more

Running around!

We were literally on the run all weekend!On Saturday morning, Sarah and I did the Color Run with her Girl Scout Troop. We had a blast! Jennifer and Cheyanne and Sarah and I decided we were going to run it so we took off a bit ahead of the rest of the troop who were walking the course.Jennifer and I managed to ran the whole thing ....more

Mea Culpe

Sarah doesn't read my blog but she found out that I mentioned she wanted to join a gym and she wasn't very happy with me....more