Fashion Friday: Edition hooray for a three day weekend

Today is actually a holiday in San Antonio called Battle Of Flowers which is all part of the annual Fiesta celebration here. There’s a big parade and everything but what the holiday means for me is that there’s a good chance I’m still in my pajamas while you’re reading this. And maybe you’re thinking that’s not possible because you’re reading this on Friday night ....more

Bits and pieces of bits and pieces

Well I had no idea that one of the keys to your collective hearts is a discussion involving a 1970’s sitcom. The comments on yesterday’s post about One Day At A Time were priceless. One of you even remembered the message Ann, Barbara and Julie left on their answering machine to which I can only say YOU ARE MY PEOPLE ....more

This is it, this is life, the one you get, so go and have a ball

I made Caroline her eggs yesterday before the STAAR test so if she doesn’t get great scores it won’t be due to a lack of a nutritional breakfast. And then I did a bunch of stuff around the house before I met Gulley for lunch. We have a standing Tuesday lunch date and yesterday we chose to meet at Cappy’s ....more

It’s not easy being green

I woke up yesterday morning and my first thought was “How soon can I go back to bed?”. And so I got Caroline up, dressed and fed and then P took her to school. I sat on the couch with a cup of coffee and managed to stay awake until about 9:30 a.m. and then headed back to bed ....more

And always remember “avail purely!”

You know what I just realized as I sat down on my couch and started thinking about what I was going to write about? That I took NOT EVEN ONE picture this entire weekend. So the question becomes “If a blogger goes into the woods and doesn’t post a photo on Instagram, did it really happen?” because I was in the woods on Friday night and Saturday morning ....more

Fashion Friday: Edition complete with a contest and a giveaway!

Is it weird that I’m totally relieved to write a Fashion Friday post right now? I don’t know what it says about me that I find shopping for clothes on the internet some form of relaxation, but I really don’t care. It’s the truth ....more

Right now I feel like everybody’s cuter than me

It appears that I have come down with a real, live cold. I woke up yesterday morning before the alarm went off, mainly because I couldn’t breathe. And that tends to wake a person up ....more

Some things and dates and stuff and your taxes are due

Y’all. Yesterday morning P woke me up and I went straight to the kitchen to make Caroline’s lunch. And then I went in her bathroom to, well, use it and noticed the floor was soaking wet ....more

Where I finish the recap of the last week so I can go to bed

I woke up yesterday morning feeling slightly like I’d been hit by a bus. I wasn’t sure of my name or where I was and I’m pretty sure I had several dreams that involved me being at a nearby Chinese restaurant in town. Which is particularly odd because I do not care for Chinese food unless you count fried rice and hot and sour soup ....more

In which I attempt to begin to recap the last week and do a poor job

I’m sitting here on my couch and I may stay here for the next twenty-four hours. I mean I do plan to go to bed at some point but then I think I’m going to wake up and get right back on this couch and catch up on as much DVR’ed T.V. as I possibly can. I believe it’s important to have goals ....more