Steece's Pieces

I'm a 30 something RN who is in love with God, my husband, my quadruplets, family, friends, life, surgical nursing, blogging, cooking & baking! (not necessarily in that order) ;)

Summer Style Saved by Skimmies

I was super excited to review the Jockey® Skimmies® Slipshort...more

Kellogg's Cereal in a Cup- a Busy Mom's Dream!

As a working Mom with 7-year-old quadruplets, I am constantly looking for ways to make life easier! (As you can imagine!) ...more

Baseball Coach Pitch 1

This Spring was the boys' first year of Coach Pitch. Here are some pics.Granna and Sav Andrew at bat...and who is that handsome coach? None other than Joseph Steece! ...more

School Fun Run!

These cute kiddos took donations for their school's fun run to raise money for a running track! It was a fun night....more

Easter Sunday Fun Day 2015

I wish I could just freeze the kids in this stage right now. They are so sweet and cute and excited about life. Look at these expressions before the big hunt in our backyard...(E, B, S, A) On your mark....get set... ....more


One of the BEST days that I have EVER had with these little rugrats, was when I took them to the park and taught them about... Confetti eggs!!! Also known as CASCARONES!!! ...more

Joe's First Half Marathon

This spring, Joe ran his first half marathon~ The Rock-n-Roll Marathon in Dallas! Joe wakes up every morning before work and runs 2-3 miles. I wish I could have one tenth of his self-determination.The day of the run, it was cold and rainy ....more

Spring Break Tour of Texas~ 1st Grade Edition

Every spring break, I load up the kids and we drive all over Texas to visit the grands and great-grands. Some call me crazy, I say it is super fun! We miss our family ....more

Cruisin' on the Carnival Magic!

Joe and I just returned from a Sunday-to-Saturday cruise on the Carnival Magic! We had an absolute blast! The company where Joe is employed, sends its top performers on an all-expenses paid cruise every year ....more

Daddy Daughter Dance 2015

I absolutely LOVE the idea of a Daddy-daughter dance. Such a sweet, special thing for these young ladies of ours. It is SO apparent how much Sav NEEDS her Daddy ....more