Sav’s First Daddy Daughter Dance

I absolutely LOOOOVED getting Sav ready for her very first Daddy/Daughter school dance! She had been talking about it for weeks to anyone who would listen---she couldn’t wait! Her Daddy can do NO WRONG in her eyes ....more

Kindergarten Rodeo

Rodeo day at school was quite the event! (B, S, E, A) ...more

Spring Break Tour of Texas

Poor Shi Shi, thought she was coming with us. She assumed this position as I was loading up the burb. She LOVES to sun bathe ....more

Candy Land Birthday Party

Our best little friends~ the Tarrant Twins~ Kinley and Madelyn, recently turned 5 and had an amazing Candy Land themed party! ...more


Mom had a PET scan last week and we found out that she is CANCER FREE! Yaaaaaaay!!!!! We are rejoicing and praising God ....more

February Recap

So, since it is now the end of March, I thought it was fitting to do a quick recap of February. (Bad blogging~ sorry!) ...more

Ben- Star Student!


The Tooth Fairy is BROKE!

I’d like to take this time to say “I’m SO sorry” to all of you other kiddos out there who have been skipped over by the tooth fairy. You see, the Steece household has been running her ragged. I’m pretty sure she filed for bankruptcy last week ....more

The Day Mom Shaved Her Head

I had originally made plans to travel with my parents to Houston for Mom’s 2nd round of chemotherapy. After completing routine blood work, the MD couldn’t risk treating Mom with her platelets at such a dangerously low level. They will try again next week ....more

Happy 5th BDay to Our BFFs!!!

Madelyn and Kinley turned 5 today and we cannot believe how the time has flown! Liz brought them up to school to eat lunch with their besties! (aka- my kids) ...more