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I am nothing if not a foodie. But, by day I'm also an award-winning freelance writer and host of San Diego Foodstuff ( Along with the serious stuff that pays the bills, I've enjoyed years of travel writing, with visits to Australia, Canada (both coasts), England, France, Amsterdam, Baja California and lots of U.S. cities. I've tasted big fat Moreton Bay Bugs in Brisbane and smoked eel fresh from the local factory in Amsterdam, tiny wild strawberries I picked roadside in the Magdalene Islands and the juiciest possible rotisserie chicken, accompanied by flavorful socca pancakes, in Nice's Old City. But as enjoyable as my travels have been, nothing beats feeding the people you love. And if you cook, unless you're a farmer, shopping is part of the pleasure. I am a first-class shopper and love to share my discoveries. That's what San Diego Foodstuff is all about. Fabulous food finds in our region. Together, let's see where we can find the makings of a great meal! And listen to me on the Gourmet Club, which I co-host, on Wednesday mornings at 11 Pacific (

Eat Well Guide Helps San Diego Consumers Find Locally Grown Sustainable Food

Photo from GRACE Communications Foundation Recently, San Diego Magazine writer Troy Johnson stirred up the proverbial hornet's nest with a story revealing the less-than-honest practices of restaurants that claim to serve meals made with locally grown, seasonal products. It's something he and I have discussed and that I've experienced as well. It's bound to make local diners skeptical that what's on the menu is really coming out of the kitchen ....more

Lumpia Made Sweet: A Taste of Turon

Next week, I'll have a story in the San Diego Union-Tribune on Filipino food. It's a rich and complex cuisine much overlooked for some reason and I hope to help urge San Diegans to turn that around. I want to give you a bit of a preview of it here, mostly because I want you to meet someone special who helped me with an addictive dish that will be featured in the story.The person is Rosario Cruz ....more

Sicilian-Style Risotto Two Ways

I recently attended a dinner at Solare in Liberty Station featuring prosecco from Villa Sandi, which is located in the heart of the Prosecco region of the Valdobbiadene Prosecco DOCG hills. Valdobbiadene-Conegliano is Italy's certified region for making the sparkling wine. The four-course dinner created by executive chef Accursio Lota was stunning, but one dish in particular stood out for me: the risotto with saffron and bay scallops--"Risotto Capesante e Zafferano," described as risotto carnaroli mantecato with salted butter, Sardinian saffron, and bay scallops ....more

Chillin' with The Baked Bear's Ice Cream Sandwiches

Back in the day, an ice cream sandwich was a straightforward, even boring summer dessert. Two rectangular slabs of ersatz chocolate cookie encasing another slab of Neopolitan ice cream. Or perhaps just vanilla ....more

Bencotto and Monello Pastas Go Organic

Okay, let's just establish that whatever I say about the new, improved house-made pasta at Little Italy's...more

Watermelon Salad "Pizza"

Several months ago I came across a little piece online somewhere that showed a watermelon pizza. It immediately caught my eye, but I was disappointed because it was really just a fruit salad on a slice of watermelon. Interesting, but it was fruit salad ....more

Tomato Cheese Toast

I love this time of year--tomatoes are finally coming into season! My sweet 100 plant is heavy with fruit and already I'm starting to enjoy the harvest. Because they're like eating candy, the fruit often doesn't make it into the house; while hand watering I heedlessly nibble ....more

Seared Day Boat Scallops with Grilled Peaches, Candied Bacon, and Micro Salad

I still can't figure out how Kitchen 4140, now it its fifth year, so completely sat under my radar until recently. Chef/owner Kurt Metzger opened the restaurant in November 2010 with a vision for a farm-to-table experience. Literally ....more

Easy as Pie at Bake Sale Bakery Class

There's clearly something I find addictive about pie baking. It's not just that I love to make them. It's that I can't stop learning how to make them from the experts ....more

Eggplant Onion Gratin

I love eggplant. I love the creamy texture you get when it's cooked that can go anywhere from baba ganoush to eggplant parmesan. I am passionate about an Italian marinated pickled eggplant appetizer I've been making for years ....more