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I am nothing if not a foodie. But, by day I'm also an award-winning freelance writer and host of San Diego Foodstuff ( Along with the serious stuff that pays the bills, I've enjoyed years of travel writing, with visits to Australia, Canada (both coasts), England, France, Amsterdam, Baja California and lots of U.S. cities. I've tasted big fat Moreton Bay Bugs in Brisbane and smoked eel fresh from the local factory in Amsterdam, tiny wild strawberries I picked roadside in the Magdalene Islands and the juiciest possible rotisserie chicken, accompanied by flavorful socca pancakes, in Nice's Old City. But as enjoyable as my travels have been, nothing beats feeding the people you love. And if you cook, unless you're a farmer, shopping is part of the pleasure. I am a first-class shopper and love to share my discoveries. That's what San Diego Foodstuff is all about. Fabulous food finds in our region. Together, let's see where we can find the makings of a great meal! And listen to me on the Gourmet Club, which I co-host, on Wednesday mornings at 11 Pacific (

Two Chefs, One Catch: The Holiday Gift for Seafood-Loving Home Cooks

We San Diegans love our seafood. If we have a regional food, for better or worse, it's fish tacos. But the world of seafood is complex and many home cooks are nervous about preparing it, fearing they'll overcook pricey fish or that for all their work, it just won't taste right.To help home cooks get over their fear, chefs Bernard Guillas and Ron Oliver of The Marine Room have just published their second book, Two Chefs, One Catch: A Culinary Exploration of Seafood (Lyons Press, $35) ....more

Breaking Bread with the Prager Brothers

Louie and Clinton Prager at their bakery in Encinitas It took way too long for me to finally connect with these guys, but it was worth the wait. I was first introduced to...more

Holiday Treats: Angel's Salumi & Truffles

Seven years ago when I belonged to a book club and it was my turn to host I decided to make a pork loin roast. I had found the recipe on the Food Network and it sounded like the perfect main course for our group. So, I went over to Iowa Meat Farms and consulted with butcher Stan Glen ....more

Thanksgiving in a Pie

Last week I gave you what I thought was a pretty innovative twist on stuffing: Turkey Stuffing Muffins. But this week I give you the whole Thanksgiving meal in one pie. Yes, between a flaky bottom and top sage buttermilk biscuit crust resides slices of roast turkey breast, gravy, mashed potatoes, roasted green beans and bread stuffing ....more

Turkey Stuffing Muffins

What's on your Thanksgiving menu? If it's the same old same old in the name of tradition, give your guests a break and shake it up a little. My email inbox is deluged with food magazines touting new types of pies, new takes on turkey, new styles of stuffing ....more

Bang Bang's 3 Way Salmon

I'm not a clubber. Surprised, huh. But I do love Asian food ....more

And Now for Something Different: Sweet Potato Leaves

It's not unusual for me to cruise the farmers markets looking for something I've never seen before. Surprise me!, I whisper to myself as I survey produce and baked goods, and prepared foods. Wow me!I'm usually not disappointed, but when I did this recently at the La Jolla Open Aire Market, I really was stopped in my tracks when I hit the Blue Heron Farm stall ....more

The Most Dangerous New Pastry in San Diego: Meet the Froissant™

Feel bummed that you missed out on the cronut craze? Well, get in line. Literally, get in line ....more

Getting Reaquainted with Sand Dabs

I grew up eating sand dabs regularly. In our L.A. home, it was one of the few fish my dad enjoyed, relishing the sweet, delicate flesh and crispy skin. Typically, if we went out for dinner and it was on the menu, he'd order it and the server would bring the--usually--pan-fried fish to the table and de-bone them tableside ....more

New Nibble Chocolate: Sweet Single Origin Bars in San Diego

San Diego has a newcomer to the handcrafted chocolate scene: Nibble Chocolate, run by Colombia natives Sandra Bedoya and her husband David Mejía. When Sandra and David moved to the U.S. 16 years ago making chocolate wasn't on their radar. Nor was it when they relocated from North Carolina to San Diego just over a year ago ....more