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I am nothing if not a foodie. But, by day I'm also an award-winning freelance writer and host of San Diego Foodstuff ( Along with the serious stuff that pays the bills, I've enjoyed years of travel writing, with visits to Australia, Canada (both coasts), England, France, Amsterdam, Baja California and lots of U.S. cities. I've tasted big fat Moreton Bay Bugs in Brisbane and smoked eel fresh from the local factory in Amsterdam, tiny wild strawberries I picked roadside in the Magdalene Islands and the juiciest possible rotisserie chicken, accompanied by flavorful socca pancakes, in Nice's Old City. But as enjoyable as my travels have been, nothing beats feeding the people you love. And if you cook, unless you're a farmer, shopping is part of the pleasure. I am a first-class shopper and love to share my discoveries. That's what San Diego Foodstuff is all about. Fabulous food finds in our region. Together, let's see where we can find the makings of a great meal! And listen to me on the Gourmet Club, which I co-host, on Wednesday mornings at 11 Pacific (

Easiest, Crispiest Skin Roasted Turkey for the Holidays

Yeah, I know. We just got through Thanksgiving and here I am talking turkey? Well, I know many people feature turkey for the Christmas holiday table, too ....more

Autumn Three-Grain Salad

As Thanksgiving creeps up on us--and, hopefully, cooler weather too--it's time to start thinking of hearty and tasty dishes that, hey, are also healthy. I don't know about you but I have family members who are vegetarian so I also need to come up with some sides that they can enjoy along with the rest of us omnivores. Grains are always a favorite of mine and grain salads are a no brainer--but have you thought of combining grains in a salad?Creating a multi-grain salad means you get a more interesting combination of flavors and textures, not to mention colors ....more

Bake a Challah for Shabbat San Diego

Love a challah? You know, that sweet egg bread that's traditionally baked for Friday night Sabbath, or Shabbat, dinners in Jewish households. I'm passionate about this soft rich bread, whether broken apart at the Sabbath meal, used as sandwich bread for egg salad, or turned into French toast ....more

The Hammer's Pineapple Upside Down Mini Bundt Cakes

Have you heard about Kitchens for Good? I first wrote about them last February in my Close to the Source blog for Edible San Diego. They were just getting underway with their pilot 13-week culinary job training program at the Jacobs Center ....more

Forget the Candy! Make a Traditional Irish Bramback!

With Halloween approaching, U.S. adults are filling up on ginormous bags of candy to give out to trick or treaters. If we're having a party, there may be candied apples or popcorn balls to eat. But if you're in Ireland, what you're probably enjoying is brambrack.Why should we care about Ireland? ...more

Buttermilk Brined Chicken

Those of you who know me know that I've come to love making my own butter, especially cultured butter. But what to do with the residual buttermilk? Sure, you can incorporate buttermilk into sweet breads, pies, and cakes, make pancakes with it, dunk chicken into it to make fried chicken ....more

Braised Chicken for Fall

Have you ever worried you've lost your cooking mojo? See that raised hand? That would be mine ....more

Mom's Chicken Soup

As I write this, the temperature is 101˚ in San Diego. In September. Oy ....more

Galaxy Taco Announces New Season of Taco Tuesday Takeovers

Just got a note from Galaxy Taco's chef/owner Trey Foshee, listing the fall lineup of chefs and others who will be at the restaurant as guest taqueros and create a set of three innovative tacos for guests.Foshee started this tradition in January with his friend Chef Jason Knibb of NineTen. And, Knibb will be back again on September 27. Tonight's guest chef will be Juan Carlos Recamier of Ceviche House ....more

Mort's Favorites

Over the years I've shared with you food I've made for or with my dad, Mort. I've done it because his love of food was contagious and inspired how I cook, market, and enjoy eating out. He was an adventurous eater at a time when Chef Boyardee and Swansons frozen dinners were more popular than crepes or tempura, just two of the dishes he introduced us to at L.A.'s few French and Japanese restaurants when my siblings and I were growing up in the '60s and '70s ....more