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I am nothing if not a foodie. But, by day I'm also an award-winning freelance writer and host of San Diego Foodstuff ( Along with the serious stuff that pays the bills, I've enjoyed years of travel writing, with visits to Australia, Canada (both coasts), England, France, Amsterdam, Baja California and lots of U.S. cities. I've tasted big fat Moreton Bay Bugs in Brisbane and smoked eel fresh from the local factory in Amsterdam, tiny wild strawberries I picked roadside in the Magdalene Islands and the juiciest possible rotisserie chicken, accompanied by flavorful socca pancakes, in Nice's Old City. But as enjoyable as my travels have been, nothing beats feeding the people you love. And if you cook, unless you're a farmer, shopping is part of the pleasure. I am a first-class shopper and love to share my discoveries. That's what San Diego Foodstuff is all about. Fabulous food finds in our region. Together, let's see where we can find the makings of a great meal! And listen to me on the Gourmet Club, which I co-host, on Wednesday mornings at 11 Pacific (

Nourished: A Memoir of Food, Faith & Enduring Love with Recipes

Periodically I get contacted by PR people asking me to read and write about a book by their client. Usually they're not of much interest to me for one reason or another. But when I was pitched a new book by Lia Huber that got my attention ....more

Cherry Berry Salsa

Because cherry season is short and I adore them, I feel an intense obligation to figure out how to make the most of them when they're at that fabulous sweet/tart height of harvest. And that would be now.I could eat them endlessly as a snack but I got to thinking about how well they go with savory foods like pork and poultry. Four years ago I made a salsa from stone fruit that included cherries, along with peaches ....more

Cherry Berry Salsa

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Milano-Style Pizza and Chocolate Salami from Ambrogio15

Are you a frustrated pizza maker? I think all of us who love to cook have gone through a pizza-making phase, finally giving it up in frustration. We've lined ovens with tiles, spritzed with water, tried different flours, different methods of dough making ....more

Cucumber Peach Summer Salad

It started with a peach. A perfectly ripe, fragrant peach that I was about to bite into, anticipating the juices running down my chin.Actually, no. Let me start over ....more

Konyn Kids Selling Their Farm-Bred Meat

You may think of the San Diego County Fair as the place to get your deep-fried pickles, but for hundreds of kids involved in 4-H and Future Farmers of America, this is show time. Quite literally. You have to tour the big halls filled with cows and pigs, turkeys and rabbits, and, of course, chickens ....more

Summer Pasta with Goat Cheese

Wunderground tells me that today in my neighborhood, Tierrasanta, the temperature will reach 92°. ...more

Chilled Spinach and Green Onion Soup

Where are you on the gardening spectrum? I find myself drawn to spending time outdoors in my garden. I love watering and pruning, nibbling on cherry tomatoes or society garlic flowers ....more

Daniel Wolinsky's Tagliarini with Hot Sausage and Clams

Last week I promised to share a pasta dish that Daniel Wolinsky, Chef de Cuisine at cucina SORELLA in Kensington, taught me how to make. Wolinsky, who teaches pasta-making classes at the restaurant, made a simple Tagliarni with Hot Sausage and Clams. Like many of us who cook at home, he created a "what's in the fridge" style dish ....more

Make Your Own Pasta

In a recent LA Times story, Evan Kleiman, the host of KCRW's Good Food radio show and the woman behind the great Caffe Angeli on Melrose in LA (which I adored when I lived there), wrote about why shoppers should not buy supermarket "fresh" pasta."If imported Italian dry pasta were choice A and fresh pasta were choice B and I could only choose one to eat for the rest of my life, there would be no contest. I’d choose A, dry pasta. Many home cooks, bamboozled by the glut of fresh pasta in restaurants, have come to believe that if it’s the chef’s choice, then it’s the better product ....more