what we've been watching

Since I last left you, we discovered boy had the flu and Declan may or may not have had a milder version. ...more

thank goodness for boogie wipes

Tis the season for colds. ...more

merry christmas & happy new year

...a little late I know. ...more

our elf on a shelf

My mom started a tradition last year, where she gives Declan a pair of Christmas PJ's. ...more

#gift tags

I have my own little solo Christmas tradition...wrap presents while watching a Christmas movie. ...more

breakfast with santa 2014

We had Breakfast with Santa this past weekend. ...more

oh pug

I was always under the impression that dogs slowed down as they aged. ...more

we gobbled then we wobbled

Yeah so I realize Thanksgiving was almost two weeks ago, but I figured since this seemed to be my kid's favorite holiday so far (we had him at food) I should get this day posted. ...more

christmas cards

We've had an early Thanksgiving miracle around these parts...our Christmas cards have been ordered. ...more

cancer stinks

This week we lost a dear friend, who was also boy's coworker, to a courageous battle against cancer. ...more