Template 113

Hey there friends. I just realized that I never posted templates 113 and 114. For some reason I skipped right over them ....more

Template 115

Surprise!! Aren’t you happy you didn’t delete me from your feed reader!? Hah! ...more

Summer 2015

Last I checked in I had just had my 5th baby. Luckily summer was just around the corner. This allowed me plenty of time to recover and start feeling normal again ....more

Template 112

Wow! Isn’t it always amazing when I actually have a template to share. Life has finally calmed down a little since school has started ....more

Our Baby Boy has Arrived; Henry’s Birth Story

Henry Lyle C. joined us on Wednesday, May 20th around 3:20 pm. Weighing in at 9.1 pounds and 22 inches long ....more

Template 111

Hello again. I am PATIENTLY waiting for my baby to arrive by spending some time scrapbooking because I know time with get even more tight after this little bundle arrives. About a week to my due date ....more

Template 110

Hello friends, I know it’s been ages again in between posts but it is what it is. I’ve been doing a little scrapbooking here and there but my templates have been so boring it’s hard to know if it’s worth loading them up to share. Here’s one that I’ve thought was decent enough ....more

Spring Break in Moab

I’ve been looking forward to spring break for a while now. I’ve needed a little getaway and something to make time go faster as the countdown for this pregnancy drags on. We picked Moab Utah for our destination this year and started researching places to camp, hike and climb ....more

2012 Scrapbook Done

Hurray, Hurray!! All of my crazy mass production scrapbooking has paid off. I ordered all of my 8×8 scrapbook pages for the 2012 year ....more

Getting my Craft On

I know I’m due for a post and I’ve been thinking about it all week. I really need to get a new template fixed up and ready to share. I have a couple I’ve been thinking about using but they really are plain ....more