New blog site

Due to technical difficulties with blogger, I am switching to a new site. If you are interested in following me, please visit...more

Yard work

My husband and I were out of town last week and the yard was on its own. ...more

Mistakes......I've made a few

Along the bumpy path leading to my middle years, and now that I am no longer running around with a swollen belly, changing diapers, and staggering about at 2 am to feed a baby, there have been pauses to think. ...more


There is a lot of power in an accusation. ...more

Living my word of the year

When I first chose the word Trust for my word of the year, I chose it because the past 9 years have been an extraordinary challenge for me and my husband. When things would continue to spiral downward, people would find clever ways to let us know that we were not suffering properly.. --someone once wedged the CD and Book, The Secret between our front doors, letting us know that we basically caused all of our own struggles....more

The road less traveled

Sometimes it takes being alone to make you realize that you are not alone. I will admit to not enjoying winter all that much. Mud, wet rugs, layers of clothes and cold often make me long for more tropical climates ....more

Jury Duty-anything but trivial

At -12 degrees, getting dressed in layers, and coaxing the frozen salt encrusted Scion to start Monday morning, was anything but delightful for either of us. Civic duty aside, weaving through Kenosha traffic after a six-inch snowfall to fight for a spot in the overcrowded parking lot is never fun, but especially irritating when you would rather be snuggled under a blanket near a roaring fire as I was earlier that day.The first 'randomly' drawn summons arrived mid-November; and I say randomly drawn with my tongue planted firmly in cheek as this was my 12th, yes, you heard me, my 12th summons. I was accepting of the responsibility, until I developed a nasty case of shingles all along the right side of my head and neck ....more

My word of the year: Trust

Always late to the party, I just learned a week or so ago that many of my Catholic writer friends choose a word to represent their upcoming year. After praying on it for just a moment, I felt the nudge of the Holy Spirit imprinting this one on my heart.TrustWhat a responsibility.Trust. Not the noun, but for me, a verb, for it will take much action on my part to realize the true impact of this word ....more

Last minute Advent

Somewhere between Thanksgiving and my good intentions, Advent blurred into five days before Christmas. It began well, and the first candle was lit on the Sunday after Thanksgiving.....a prayer said over the wreath waiting in the kitchen. I hummed "O Come O Come Emmanuel" while decorating the tree....more

Don't be an angry Catholic

While I am proud of being a practicing Roman Catholic, there are times when I would like to run and hide and pretend that I have no association with the Faith of my infancy.It seems to happen over and over- my husband or I will attend an event designed for evangelizing other Catholics and nearly every time we run across a few judgmental and angry people. They are the type who will look down upon others they do not feel worthy of being in their presence or worthy of attending the event. Maybe they don't worship the right way, or sing the right songs, or volunteer in the right ministries ....more