Menu Plan Monday

In an effort to keep our grocery spending down in February I’ve abandoned our 6 week menu plan and started meal planning around the food in our cupboards/freezer. It’s a strange month anyway, what with m. working away a few nights, me joining him for of a couple of those nights and before that he has a week off – this week!* ...more

Grocery Spending February #1

Our goal for 2013 is to keep our grocery spending below £2,000. Grocery buying can make or break a budget and I know if I stopped managing it, I could easily spend at least twice as much as I do ....more


*NOTES: ...more


I really wanted to adopt a ‘head in the sand’ approach to this round-up and avoid doing it but decided against that – everyone has (very) ‘spendy’ months and it’s best to just get it all out there (and then move on!). I think I lost the right to call myself frugal this month INCOME: ...more

January No/Low Spend & Decluttering Challenge (Final Update)

I’m taking part in Carla’s January No/Low Spend @ Decluttering Challenge, find all the details here  My personal goals for the challenge: *DE-CLUTTERING GOAL ...more


On our menu this week; Sauce for Simple Cod Portuguese (eaten last week) ...more

Friday Link Love

Hello! What are your plans this weekend?  We’re hoping to finish off the decorating in the spare bedroom, and go for a long walk (avoiding the snow if possible). We also have a (late) Christmas meet up with friends tomorrow night, which we’d both forgotten about until yesterday! A few of my favourite articles this week: ...more

Mortgage reduction in 2013

Thank you so much for all your comments on my last post. It’s lovely to wake up to an inbox of supportive words - it’s just what I needed this morning. This little glitch will not deter us! And with that in mind I’ve been running the numbers. -Not working my part-time job means a loss of £5,200 over the next 10 months. Minus approximately £200 for new work boots. clothes etc, we’re about £5k worse off ....more

And just like that…..

….my job is over! It’s been coming for a while now, and I can’t discuss the details on here (unfortunately!) but my co-worker quit and I quickly followed her. No regrets, it was the right decision to make. ****** With that in mind, the next thing to do is to adjust our budget for February, and the rest of 2013.  We still very much have mortgage freedom in our minds – I’ll be looking at ways to replace my ...more

Tuesday Miscellany

I’m having a pre-decorating organise and clear up at home today. I’ve mostly completed my January de-Cluttering goals (as part of Carla’s Challenge), but I wanted to take it one step further and totally de-clutter and organise the upstairs floor of our house. Despite the snow on the ground and the cold bite in the air, the sun was shining this morning and so I let a little fresh air in too! ...more