1953 Called. They'd Like Their Racists Back.

Grace and I have done quite a bit of travelling between Texas and Mississippi to visit our favorite aunt. About two years ago when we made our annual trek, we saw a sign on 1-20 in Louisiana warning that up ahead of us they were doing random drug searches, so we should...more

Conversations that only happen at my house

In August, NJ's mom died. Not his biological mother (as far as we know, anyway), but the woman who actually raised and loved him. Some of you who follow me on Facebook may remember my getting intoxicated early in the morning in order to survive the very long road trip...more


I don't have a lot of peaceful moments in my life. Not in like a I-have-a-miserable-life-and-am-never-happy way. Like forty zillion other people, I get up four days a week, commute an hour to work, do a job that isn't exactly making the world a better place, where I definitely don't fit in (that's another blog post for another...more

A Guide to Voting in the Texas Primary

March 1st is a very big day in Texas (and 11 other states and one territory). It's Super Tuesday--the day when all of these...more

Open Office Etiquette

Not too long ago, my employer moved us to a fancy new office that just so happens to be an open office environment. Are you familiar with the concept? It looks something...more

No one wants to hear the truth in my heart

For the past year or so (maybe longer), I've made a conscious effort not to engage people of differing opinions. Living in Texas, that would occupy way too much of my time since I'm the odd woman out here and it doesn't actually change anyone's opinion. Actually,...more

The good that has come from me being fat

The battle with my weight the last...more

40 is a confusing age in a middle aged woman's life

About a month and a half ago I turned 40. That was a tough pill to swallow. In May I had actually...more

Women Can't be Silent Anymore

Yesterday, Texas Monthly ran an article titled "Silence at Baylor" about "much-talked about football player" Sam Ukwuachu, who as early as June of this year was expected to take the field after transferring from Boise State and having sit out last season for "unspecified reasons." Turns out, Sam was indicted on two counts of...more

The Broody Hen Chronicles Part One

I currently have a broody hen. For those unfamiliar with the term, it means I have a hen whose biological clock is ticking and she's decided she must hatch some baby chicks immediately....more