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Former homeschooling mother of sons aged 18 & 15, writer, reader, book reviewer, photographer, soapmaker, slow foodie, gardener, knitter, a CT Yankee whose now a Texan.

What Really Matters or The Purpose of Life

Some day I will write more about it because I have more thoughts than I care to share now.I'm having one of those moments where it seems all that really matters in life is our relationships and how we treat each other. I think the purpose of life is to love each other and to treat all with kindness and to give love freely to strangers and everyone in whatever small way that love looks like. Things get messy when we really know people and when we have history and wrongs have been done to inflict hurt and harm ....more

My Netflix Account Was Hacked

For about six months we really struggled with our Netflix account having been hacked over and over. We have the plan where only two people can watch at one time. We discovered the hacking when we were prevented to watch something as the max number of viewers was using the system ....more

A Theory on Teens Who MIsbehave

Misbehave may be a tame word, let's call it intentionally being an a**hole or doing bad things when they know better.My current theory is that some teens who receive unconditional love with a strong family bond (not enmeshment co-dependent mess family situations) may choose to act in ways that are contrary to the family's culture in order to push the parent(s) away so that they can be left alone to feel they are living a more independent life.Also I think that the desire to be fully independent is there before the teen is ready to actually ready to take on the burden of self-sufficiency as it is defined in our modern American society. While in the past a teen could strike out on their own and get some minimal labor job to pay a low rent and bike or drive a junker around town, today it's more complicated. To be fully on one's own comes with a lot of financial burdens ranging from paying $3K and more as a teen boy for car insurance for one non-sportscar and paying a lot for health insurance as required by the Affordable Care Act ....more

PSAT 2015 Score Delay

Here is a link to an announcement from the College Board annnouncing a month delay in the release of the scores from the first taking of the new PSAT in October 2015.My son took this as a 10th grader this year after having not really practiced and taking a wimpy school district prep class for 8 of the 12 hours (he missed the last day). If he needs practice we will have to go with a private company. He is unmotivated to work on his own on this ....more

What I Missed While Homeschooling

When very busy living life you sometimes are oblivious to what you missed that went on while otherwise occupied. I am discovering things that went on in the world while I was too busy to know. It's nothing earth shattering but it's something nonetheless.In 1995 I tried making candles by melting beexwax into a metal candle mold ....more


This is an area that is kept wild in order to be a runoff for water area surrounding the suburb neighborhood development. The rains we get here are hard and fast, gullywashers.The erosion I see here is sometime so surprising.This area was cleared of native plants and trees and harvested for wood in the early 1900s and planted for a crop: loblolly pines. The sawmill closed and so what is left here is not all native ....more

Update On Digestive Enzymes

This is a follow-up to my November 9 post:...more

November Nature Hike

After a rain one day I took a nature hike. The woods here are pretty ugly I think. Not to be negative but I was raised in the Northeast Woods and to me that is what the forest is supposed to be like ....more

Working At Home Alone Is Hard

Working at home alone is not all that some may imagine it to be. I have been in business for myself making artisan soap and bath products for almost two years. Last week, Thanksgiving week was perhaps my lowest point and the realization really hit me hard ....more

Two Friends From Camp

When my older son attended a college class camp after junior year in which he stayed in a dorm on campus for three weeks he made friends. Two are close friends who are one year younger than my son. They speak on a regular basis while playing online games together via XboxOne and via personal computer/Internet.Just throwing it out there that these friendships can happen at summer camps and his have lasted a year and a half so far.Today my son is watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, something he usually does not do, in order to see one of his friends who is in his high school marching band.It's pretty cool if you ask me ....more