Taipei 2011, Day 2: Shaved Ice Two Ways, 7-Eleven, Shilin Night Market, Etc.

I took a trip to Taipei from October 3 to 9...2011. Um. Yeah ....more

My Favorite Places to Bring Tourists on the Lower East Side

Note: This post was originally published on Serious Eats: New York on Monday. I've never before reposted my Serious Eats posts on this blog, but I thought this one was worthwhile because it's filled with advice I've given to friends.. ....more

How I Made My BMO (Adventure Time) Costume

Note: This post is totally not food-related. For foodstuffs, please read this post from three days ago, especially because that post took a buttload more hours to write than this one. Yeah, two posts in one week! ...more

Taipei 2011, Day 1: Fried Crullers, Bear Head Doughnuts, Scallion Pancakes, Etc.

I took a trip to Taipei from October 3 to 9...2011. Um. Yeah ....more

Indessert, My New Favorite Dessert Shop Serving Tong Sui in Chinatown

INDESSERT!!! You know that feeling you get when you're lost at sea for days, and you can feel your innards shriveling up as the life drains out of your malnourished body, and you've held out on killing your shipmate and.. ....more

Classic Coffee Shop, Home of My Favorite Tuna Melt (Plus 7 Other Tuna Melts I've Eaten This Year)

Classic Coffee Shop Some people think I must keep up with the latest food trends and restaurant openings in New York City because I work at a a food website. To that, I say, for the most part, not really—I'd.. ....more

In Remembrance of David Jones, My Favorite Memories from Virginia

David, Tristan, Kris, and Fletcher Jones. The first time I visited my friend Tristan's childhood home in Louisa, a small town in central Virginia, back in 2006, I was intimidated by the prospect of meeting his dad, David. I don't.. ....more

Visiting Norway (Bergen and Oslo) from June 8 to 16

The ol' weegie red, white, and blue. Norway, here I come! For the fifth time! A number of visits previously reserved only for cities possessing Disney theme parks or my grandparents, now expanded to include the city where my boyfriend.. ....more

My Favorite $10 Dish: Pulled Pork Rice Plate from Taboonette

Rice, pork, and slaw. Together in harmony. I rarely leave my desk at work unless I want to refill my water glass, eat a snack, or pee. But recently, I had an errand to run that would take me beyond.. ....more

Belated Intro to Taipei, or "What's That Smell?"

In October of 2011, I visited Taipei—the city where my parents went to college and where my dad and his parents currently live—for the first time in over a decade, accompanied by one of my best friends, Lee Anne, whose.. ....more