You Have Boyfriend? Nail Salon Humor

My favorite stand up ever. Ever. All about the nails ....more

Botox is a Business Asset

Botox is weird, right? We can all agree that the idea of voluntarily shooting poison into your face, effectively disabling certain muscle groups that one would assume are there for a reason, because it theoretically makes you look younger, must be based on some pretty messed up thought processes. And yet, here we are ....more

Four Spring Fashion Trends to Skip if You Are Over 40

There are certain fashion trends that women of a certain age should not adopt, no matter how hard you think your abs are or how young at heart you feel. I wrote about the temptations of shopping at the same stores as my daughter in Who Peed on My Yoga Mat? and...more

Free Range Kids: Kindergarten Edition

There is a lot of...more

Smudging: Not Just Anyone Can Pull Off This Ancient Ritual

Smudging: Should you really try this at home? The word “release” in the headline should have tipped me off. As in 13 Ways to Release 2013 ....more

Pitbull’s Timber Lyrics, As Heard By the Mother of a Teenage Girl

I like Pitbull, I do. For better and worse. I like him in spite of his skeez factor, and sometimes because of it ....more

Welcome to My Midlife Birthday Breakdown

I always thought I’d go to law school or get my MBA. At one point I seriously considered getting my PhD in Accounting. I still kind of want to get an MFA, but all that will have to wait, maybe forever ....more

Packing the Playroom

We’re moving. It’s painful, and not just because of the boxes and the arguments over precisely the right moment to pack the living room lamps. While packing the playroom, I found the sole remainder of the Whore Barbie....more

Stages of Re-Entry: Mom Goes Back to Work

I’ve been writing lately about my new job and how exciting it is. But change is hard and the whole family has been adjusting to the new schedule and responsibilities. Some days are so easy I wonder what all my fuss is about ....more

Back to Work, Back to School, and Being Miss September

The summer shaped up to be busier than expected. I spent a lot of time writing, helping VolunteerSpot get the word out about their amazing resource, and ended up in a brand new job. Here are a few highlights from August ....more