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I'm Karen, aka The Graphics Fairy. I am a full time blogger, wife, mom (to 4 grown kids) and 1 adorable Corgi! I started my Graphics Fairy blog in 2007, in order to share my love of vintage paper with creative people all over the world.  I also post about crafting, decorating and improving my home, as well as project tutorials that my readers can make themselves.  I frequently feature my reader's crafty projects and I offer printables too. I strive to created a community atmosphere on my blog, where we can all share, inspire and learn from each other. I've been so blessed to have received mentions in many fine magazines all over the world, including Woman's Day, Country Living, Family Circle, BHG Halloween Issue, Romantic Homes, Somerset Studio Gallery, We Love Living (Germany) and many more!  Most of my readers are women, the majority of them are moms, and they are a fabulously creative bunch that are quite passionate about their homes and families. I post every day, so that my readers always have something new look forward to.

Cute Retro Valentine Boy Image!

This is a cute Retro Valentine Boy Image! This adorable Valentine shows a happy little Boy, with a Racoon Cap!...more

Ultimate DIY Bundle!

Hi everyone, I’ve asked my friend Kim to share this wonderful DIY eBook bundle, that she and some other bloggers have put together. I’m super excited about it and I think you guys will be too! Take it away Kim… ....more

19 DIY Vintage Valentine’s Day Ideas

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, it is time to start thinking of projects and ideas to celebrate the holiday. My site is full of great graphics that you can use to create your own Valentines and Valentine’s Day themed crafts. To give you some inspiration, I’ve collected 19 DIY Vintage Valentine’s Day Ideas ....more

Vintage Reward of Merit Card – Cute Dog!

Today I’m sharing this adorable Vintage Reward of Merit Card!! Shown above is an Antique Card showing a cute little White Dog, he looks like a Terrier to me, in a circular frame. This was used as a child’s Reward of Merit Card in order to reward good works or deeds ....more

Beautiful Gypsy Image!

Here we have a Beautiful Gypsy Image! This is such a gorgeous picture! The picture shows a lovely Child in a red and blue Gypsy style costume ....more

Retro Latin America Doll Image!

This is a beautiful Retro Latin America Doll Image!! This pretty Girl is wearing a ruffled Ombre Skirt and Blouse! This is number 16 in a series that I’ve been sharing here for the last few weeks, of lovely Dolls from all over the World ....more

Antique Dolphin Image!

This is a wonderful...more

Vintage Valentine Silhouette – Cute!

This is a darling Vintage Valentine Silhouette Image! The Silhouette shows two cute children, a boy and a girl, holding hands. It looks like the boy wants a little kiss! ...more

DIY Butterfly Dome – Reader Feature

Tonight’s reader feature is from Gayle, who made this gorgeous DIY Butterfly Dome. She used various butterfly graphics, glued them to branches, and then covered them with a cloche. This really turned out beautifully and I would even think the butterflies were real if I didn’t know they were paper! ...more

8 Pretty Wooden Box and Crate Projects!

8 Pretty Wooden Box and Crate Projects Happy New Year! I hope 2015 is treating you well so far. Today, I wanted to share with you some of my favorite wooden box and crate projects that were submitted by readers of The Graphics Fairy ....more