Domestic Worker Bill of Rights passes the CA Senate

A bill that would give housekeepers, nannies, and elder care workers overtime passed in the California Senate on Wednesday. The Domestic Worker Bill of Rights law, known as AB 241,...more

Gun Control Debate Rages in Colorado with Latino Candidates at Center

As Colorado becomes more “blue” (Democratic) and urban, issues like gun control have become even more contentious. Southern Colorado is more rural than the northern part of the state. In one state senate district, a recall effort has been underway because of a freshman legislator’s support for gun control legislation that was passed and signed by Governor Hickenlooper earlier this year ....more

Immigration Showdown in the Capitol Begins

On Sunday, New Hampshire Senator Kelly Ayotte indicated that she would support the gang of eight immigration bill that was crafted by a group of bipartisan senators. Just last week, an amendment to end the deferred action program (DACA) passed in the House of Representatives (read about that here) that was split largely along party lines ....more

Steps toward divorcing local law enforcement from immigration enforcement

While there has been a steady push in recent months for comprehensive immigration reform on Capitol Hill, there have been a few steps in the states and in localities to limit the extent that local law enforcement participates in immigration enforcement (which has been seen as a federal duty) ....more

How Terrorism Crept into the Immigration Debate & Why It Shouldn’t be a Focal Point

I have a piece on BlogHer explaining how the terrorism issue become a sidebar in the current immigration debate. One thing to keep in mind is that there will always be people who want to commit crime and harm people regardless of country of origin, but if children who are brought to the U.S. are the perpetrators of terrorism, perhaps we, as a society, need to look inward at the factors here in the U.S. that may have influenced the ...more

Latinas More Likely to Have Multiple Teen Pregnancies

This week the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention came out with some new data showing that Latinas are more likely than their black or white peers to have multiple teen pregnancies. Overall, the teen birthrate has been declining ....more

New Data: GOP Can Make Inroads with Latinos on Immigration

Since last November's election, pundit after pundit --- even those who lean right -- has said that the Republican party needs to win minority voters who cast their ballots overwhelmingly Democratic. Adriana Maestas at Latino Politics Blog has been watching this issue and tells us about a new study that there maybe be hope for the GOP to become a big tent, after all:...more

Loretta Sanchez and Husband Appear in New Holiday Card

It’s that time of the year again when Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez sends out her annual campy holiday card. This year’s card features the Congresswoman’s second husband, Jack Einwechter. Last year, she also posed with her husband next to the Christmas tree with Gretzky (her deceased cat) in the ornaments ....more

Free Documentary On Elimination of Mexican American Studies at Tucson Unified School District

The folks at the Nonprofit Network have put out a documentary that is fully viewable online about the censorship and elimination of the Mexican American studies program at Tucson Unified School District. It gives a pretty good overview of the closing of the Mexican American studies program and documents some of the clashes with local law makers and community members. Check it out here: ...more

Why You Should Consider Attending #Latism12 or At Least Following Online

This week the Latinos in Social Media Annual Conference will convene in Houston where Latino influentials across the internet will convene to network, learn new skills, and share tips about online engagement with the Latino community. This year there will be four tracks focused on business, technology, health and education ....more