The Little Things

Yesterday I picked up a few things at Trader Joe’s. San Jose and Campbell now no longer provide shopping bags; you’re supposed to provide your own. I have a trunk full of the things, but occasionally forget ....more

Tim Cook takes it to the mat at the Apple shareholder meeting

I often say that one of the big problems we have in this country is that most public companies are legally required to prioritize shareholder value over all other things. It's called their fiduciary duty. It can lead to short-term.. ....more

With holidays approaching, natural stomach-ache remedies seem timely

From Five Natural Fixes for a Stomach-Ache I think I've probably tried the peppermint or chamomile tea approach before without noticing tremendous results, but the use of cayenne, ginger and fennel is new on me, and may take a.. ....more

ExchangeMyPhone: Excellent alternative to eWaste (or household clutter)

via Between the S.O. and me I'm going to guess we have at least a dozen mobile devices lying around this house somewhere. Some of them are likely worth nothing at this point (help, Palm Treo I'm talking to.. ....more

Cats create art to support California shelter | This Dish Is Veg - Vegan, Animal Rights, Eco-friendly News

The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Los Angeles (spcaLA) has been using an iPad App called Paint for Cats. Paint for Cats captures the cat's contact to the iPad, creating a unique piece of art. via.. ....more

A better way to microwave popcorn?

Spotted this new microwave popcorn product on the Whole Foods blog. They're only available in the Northeast right now, but this product has a lot of reasons to get behind it: Husband and wife team created product No leeching chemicals.. ....more

Shopping Site to Check Out: Ethical Ocean

Ever since hip & zen shut down, I haven't really fonud my replacement shopping site for all things, well, hip and zen. I have lots of vegan shopping resources, which I mostly troll for shoes, handbags and belts, but not.. ....more

Vegan MoFo over at Veggie Goes Vegan

I occasionally post vegan stuff here...I do believe going veg is one of the most powerful personal acts you can make to be more environmentally responisble...but I am currently doing something that might be a bit over the top. I'm.. ....more

Cross-post: Interview with Clean Foods Author Terry Walters

I interviewed author Terry Walters in honor of the kick-off of World Vegetarian Month and Vegan MoFo. She had so much interesting information to share about food and health. And we covered a bonus topic: How she self-published her first.. ....more

Awesome Heirlooms on Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart had a segment this week on the Heirloom Expo and expressly advised her audience to look for organic, and if you can't get organic get foods that say they do not include GMO seeds. She featured folks who.. ....more