One Frugal Girl

I see money as the ticket to freedom. I am in my mid-thirties, happily married to the sweetest man in the world and mother to the most precious baby boy. This blog is my story. In it I detail my day-to-day trials, tribulations, failures and successes with money.

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I’m Still Here

My postings have been quite sporadic over these past two months. I seem to fill my week with an assortment of activities which either involve entertainment for my son in the form of trips to the playground and toddler classes or trips to medical professionals to help me with my newly diagnosed neuropathy. I am grateful to all of my long time readers who left comments and sent emails about my illness ....more

$1500 Slipped Through My Hands

In the past four weeks I spent over $1500 on treatments to cure neuropathy caused by antibiotics! Here is a snapshot of those costs. $45 – Reiki Treatment $55 – Therapeutic Massage $150 – Acupuncture Consultation and First Treatment $85 – Acupuncture Treatment $85 – Acupuncture Treatment $255 – Another Acupuncture Consultation and First Treatment $110 – Acupuncture Treatment with Second Acupuncturist $300 – Five Therapeutic Massage Treatments $178.95 – Three Months Worth of Vitamins $30 – Copay to Neurologist $157.48 – General Practitioner Appointment $21.03 – Blood work $3.29 – Blood work That doesn’t include additional supplements and vitamins ....more

Two Quotes for Very Gloomy Days

Years ago a friend bought me two refrigerator magnets. These days my fridge is overloaded with photos of my son playing and laughing, but right on the front amidst those images are two beautiful quotes that keep me moving on dark, gloomy days. The first reads: for a long time it seemed to me that life was about to begin – real life ....more

The Power of Money When You Are Sick

I have so many thoughts swimming in my head these days and seem to find so little time to type them into my computer. As I mentioned a few weeks ago I’ve been struggling with medical problems that resulted from antibiotics. I won’t lie ....more

Blogging For Money

This post is part of...more

Work Life Balance with Children

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The Best Laid Plans

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There have been a few occasions when I have nearly given up hope. When I have cried more tears than I believed my body could produce. In those most desperate hours my aches, (both emotional and physical), have always managed to heal ....more

Hitting the Pause Button

In 2006 new management took over the company where I worked. Within a few short months the HR department was handed a big fat check and directed to spend it on sensitivity training. I welcomed the excuse to miss work for two days ....more

Does a High Deductible Health Insurance Plan Make You More Reluctant to Visit a Doctor?

Last January I sat on the couch with three large insurance documents spread out across my computer screen. Should I choose an HMO or PPO? Should I opt for a high deductible insurance plan or pay up front for everything in the form of higher premiums? ...more