One Frugal Girl

I see money as the ticket to freedom. I am in my mid-thirties, happily married to the sweetest man in the world and mother to the most precious baby boy. This blog is my story. In it I detail my day-to-day trials, tribulations, failures and successes with money.

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Everyday Celebrations with Maria Loggia

Maria Loggia’s kitchen door is always open. Her home and garden are a gathering place for friends and family, who come to share her easygoing enthusiasm and generosity – and her inspired Italian cuisine. In this, her second book, Loggia celebrates the seasons with 16 sumptuous menus – from a spontaneous al fresco garden party to a slow-simmered midwinter feast and a traditional Sunday family lunch ....more

A Tradition Worth Passing On

When I was pregnant with my son I received a giant box in the mail filled with wrapped gifts. My husband’s aunt passed on the tradition of providing me with one gift for each prenatal appointment. I loved that I idea so much that I bought presents for my husband’s friend who was expecting their first bundle of joy last year ....more


My ninety-one year old grandmother recently told me she regrets never traveling to Paris. She mentioned the desire to take a trip there ten or fifteen years ago, but I didn’t realize how important it was to her. At the time I was so entrenched in my own day-t0-day life that I failed to see how valuable that experience may have been for the two of us ....more

Stop! I Want Off!

Over the past two and a half years I dramatically cut back on clipping coupons and scouring drugstores in search of freebies. My primary reason was a desire to save time. It was a royal pain in the you know what to drag my infant son around from store to store, pull him out of the car seat, find a way to occupy him while I shopped, distract him while we waited in long lines and strap him back into the car ....more


I’ve always felt old beyond my years. Some children are free spirits. I was not ....more

Book Review: Effortless Savings

I received a copy of Effortless Savings: A Step-by-Step Guidebook to Saving Money Without Sacrifice a few weeks back and finally found the time to settle into a comfy chair to read it. The book is a simple read. I probably read it from cover to cover in less than an hour ....more

Sears $20 Voucher for $1 (After Cash Back)

Right now new TopCashBack members can buy a $20 Sears voucher for $1 after cash back! Here are the details: Sign up for TopCashBack. Search for Groupon (after signing up and logging in.) Purchase the $20 Sears Voucher for $10 by clicking on the Get CashBack button ....more

Why It Pays to Be Organized

I maintain a number of lists to keep my life organized. One is a to-do list full of simple actions that need to be completed in the next few days/weeks. Another is the collective buying list that includes a list of coupons and their expiration dates ....more

Four Speeding Tickets in A Month!

I’m a pretty good driver. I pay attention to the traffic in front of me. I check my mirrors and I always look before switching lanes ....more

If You Cannot Save Enough Money for the Life You Want to Live Isn’t it Time to Redraw the Plans?

In case you haven’t noticed I’m the kind of girl who likes to save money. I met an extremely intelligent guy with a similar tendency. We are the type of people who envision large goals for ourselves and then dig our heels in the sand in order to achieve them ....more