Highly Creative? THAT'S ME!

LINK!Highly creative people in your life? READ THISAlthough this list isn't 100% accurate for me personally, between my husband and I, and then throw in our kids, and while you are at it, my entire family...there we are.It explains a lot ....more

That's No Bird.

Some people have shoulder angels, some have parrots.I've only met one gal with a shoulder bunny ....more

A Different Kind of Skill Set

In my recent job searches I have discovered a great lack on my part of some very desirable skills. For instance, code writing, web design, and IT skills.I beat myself up all last week as the fabulous sounding work places demanded skills I just don't have at this time. I am outmoded ....more

I Suddenly and Painfully Get It

Mid life crisis can look very different for individuals.There are of course traditional, stereo typed responses:Buying a sports carToupeesTattoos (Maybe it's a newer response)Life career changeDivorce (sad)Re-decorate homeTake classes, pottery, art, dancing, cooking, languages or who knows what. Have a baby?I don't know, stuff like that.I have been doing a lot of research lately. It started innocently enough, we need a place to live.But to get a place to live we have to know where we NEED to live.To do that we need to know what we are supposed to do next, work at a church again? ...more

So Wasteful

This is simply a rant.We had to sign up for insurance this year.We have 3 currently in our family, we listed who is head of household, spouse and kid, all with the same address...We all received identical packets in the mail, even though one form could be turned in for the whole family. 3 copies of each letter, each list, and worse, each booklet.We received 3 letters of welcome, 3 letters of "Do you need help" , and three of "We don't have your answer yet".Then, after choosing, we received three letters saying we would receive more things in the mail.Then the insurance cards came, in three separate envelopes, which this one I can understand a little more.Then 3 giant provider handbooks showed up, all separate, but rubber banded together.Envelopes, postage, work hours, trees!It would take a small box to check saying we only need one per the family, how much could be saved?To top this off, while trying to choose I called the number given to in that literature (three times), and the person on the end of the line couldn't answer any of my questions, said I had to call each provider myself.I ask out right what was his purpose if he didn't have any information."I answer questions about how to fill out the form"Wow.It is your name and which provider you choose, as in, you check a little box.Rant done, but I am shaking my head ....more

In A Moment

One of my daughters got married a few days after Christmas.It's been a long road. There was rebellion and there was trauma, and well, I love her so much, but I really wondered if she was really going to be okay in life.Then she posted this photo on her blog And I knew, the moment I saw it, just that one moment frozen, she is going to be alright.It was like looking at a big sigh of relief.As soon as I have our own place again, this one is being printed and hung on the wall ....more

Nothing Remains the Same

Oh wait, some stuff does...We are still living with friends,...more


"Fleshly ambition is based on an inner motivation to prove ourselves, to gain acceptance or approval, to avoid rejection, and to maintain control. Godly initiative, on the other hand, is the fruit of responding to revelation from God related to what He wants us to do, and then doing it in faith."Havilah CunningtonThis was in Day 17 of a twenty day Video Bible Study she currently has posted on her site about Doing Hard Things. I have seen her in person, she is a lovely person, and a true follower of God ....more

Open Letter to Parents of Theatre Kids

Dear Parents of kids in productions,I want to start by saying that we love your kids. They are great. We love watching them stretch and grow into parts that are not easy for them ....more

About That Tree

Almost all my stuff is in storage. My Christmas decorations, gift wrap, yarn, craft stuff, most of our movies (we kept out Christmas ones), recipe books (BIG MISTAKE) and well, everything.The family we are staying with recently acquired a love seat and sofa set, they have never had 2 units like this, so they are debating about whether or not to put up their big Christmas tree. I tried to help out in the over-all "Hey we could do it like this" conversation, but the husband is convinced it is too big ....more