Bio Girl

I have been writing on my blog Bio Girl for over seven years,  discussing everything from new marriage to infertility, the birth of my son and the loss of my beloved sister to cancer.  During this time I have worked in the environmental testing field, but in May 2014 I am switching gears, graduating with a Master's in Public Health and hoping to find a positing in public health research.  I enjoy reading and photography and both loves are common blog post topics!

#GreyForMissy and Brain Cancer Awareness Month: Wednesday, May 18, 2016

It's May, which means it's National Brain Cancer Awareness Month....more

Possibly the best thing ever found in the Take Home folder...

There are no words for how much I love this... I can't decide what I love most....more

Collecting All the Badges

So this week has been keeping us on our toes. Tuesday, in particular, was special as we managed to have a tball game and the final Cub Scouts ceremony at the exact same time. Typically tball trumps scouts since it's a team sport and what not, but on this one I was torn ....more

Game Ball!

The Cardinals played on Tuesday night and Henry had a heck of a game....more

Video Explosion

So this past weekend we had Matt and Blair in town from South Carolina, Candice and Lucas' couples shower, and two tball games....more

This and That

I feel like maybe I should address the fact that I have not posted here in a week... or my overall reduction in posts for the year, but I am not sure there's much to say. I can't promise it will get better, because I don't now if it will, but I am also not ready to say I am done with blogging so... ....more

All Ball, All the Time

So I realize my posting has dropped to a new low around these parts. And, I mean, I have a pretty good reason. So just bear with me.. ....more

Safety First

So yesterday Nick and I were doing some spring yard work (I am really proud of us) when Henry asked if he could practice some tball in the back yard. Never one to pass up an opportunity when the child WANTS to practice (or a reason to stop pulling weeds), I said sure!I started moving gardening tools out of the way because, obviously we don't want the precious child to step on a rake or whatever. SAFETY FIRST and all that....more

Easter at the Farm: 2016 Edition

So last weekend was Easter! And, to the surprise of nobody, I took a lot of pictures....more

Friday Already?

Well look at that. An entire week since my last post. I would ramble a little on excuses but I honestly don't have time ....more