Bio Girl

I have been writing on my blog Bio Girl for over seven years,  discussing everything from new marriage to infertility, the birth of my son and the loss of my beloved sister to cancer.  During this time I have worked in the environmental testing field, but in May 2014 I am switching gears, graduating with a Master's in Public Health and hoping to find a positing in public health research.  I enjoy reading and photography and both loves are common blog post topics!

Dear Henry: An Eight Year Letter (A Little Late...)

Dear Henry, Wow, this year’s letter is coming a little late....more

#GreyForMissy 2017

Thank you all to everyone sharing pictures of your grey today....more

Reminder: The 5th Annual Grey for Missy is tomorrow, May 24th

Please remember to wear grey tomorrow, May 24th, in memory of my sweet baby sister, and in support of Brain Cancer Awareness Month. Tag your pictures on any social media site with #GreyForMissy or #GrayForMissy and I will add them to a post here throughout the day. If you would rather not share your photo on social media but would like to be included, please email your picture to biogirl79(at)gmail(dot) com ....more

Henry's Zelda Breath of the Wild 8th Birthday Quest

Henry and Nick are both pretty huge Zelda fans, and they are loving the new Breath of the Wild Zelda game on the Nintendo Switch....more

Happy 8th Birthday, Sweet Henry

What a year. I cannot wait to see what eight brings ....more

Welcome to the big league (AKA, Coach Pitch)

I know, two posts in two days. Madness.So, we are officially back at the baseball field and Henry is now playing Coach Pitch, rather than Tball....more

Since We've Been Gone...

Wow. It's been awhile.Like, a shockingly long while....more

Four Years

I missed you yesterday and the day before. I have missed you everyday for the last four years. I will miss you tomorrow and the day after that ....more

Not off to the best start...

So I just clicked over to my blog for the first time in a few days (weeks) and it occurred to me that I am epically failing at my first new years resolution. Actually, as I just added Oreos to my grocery list, I might sort of be failing at all of my resolutions.On the bright side, we just booked vacation so I am on top of SOMETHING. I have nothing more to say really ....more