50 Years

If you didn’t already know, my parents celebrated 50 years of marriage at the end of May. It’s an incredible moment that many couples do not get to, for one reason or another. I’m grateful to have seen my parents work through some incredibly difficult and joyous moments to make it this far ....more

Week Nineteen

How far along? 19 weeks Total weight gain: +11lbs overall Anxious about: I was anxious earlier this week. It’d been five weeks since I’d heard the baby’s heartbeat and I was terrified and an anxious pregnant woman’s mind is a dangerous place ....more

June 2014 Goals

I feel these posts start becoming boring (even to me), so I’m going to try and think of goals I can achieve and do well this month. Financial Save extra money towards baby/car expenses. – We have some big expenses coming up so we’re trying to save the pennies ....more

Books I Read: May 2014

I was surprised I had read three books this month, because for some reason I thought I had not read any… surprise, I did! May 2014 Reads The One by Kiera Cass I believe that I’d give this book 4.5 stars. I wanted to give 5 stars, but then I thought about it and I.. ....more

Week Eighteen

How far along? 18 weeks Total weight gain: +2 lbs overall Anxious about: Our upcoming ultrasound and hopefully everything looks okay! Excited about: Seeing our baby for the first time since 7-1/2 weeks! ...more

Week Seventeen

How far along? 17 weeks Total weight gain: +2 lbs overall Anxious about: Everything. Heh ....more

One Second Videos: April 2014

Sorry this is so late. I tend to think in my head that these videos will take forever, but really they take me 20 minutes. So mostly I am lazy ....more

May 2014 Goals

Okay, it’s late this month. Whoops. Financial Skipping this month ....more

Week Sixteen

How far along? 16 weeks Total weight gain: +2 lbs overall Anxious about: I don’t think I’ve really felt anxious this week. It’s been kind of nice! ...more