Nature Study: Personal Acquisition of knowledge and experience

Didactic Method: Lecture approach, teacher imparts information “…the teacher need be no specialist nor qualified expert ; all that is required of him is that he shall have broken away from the old didactic methods of imparting information, and have the enthusiasm which arises from a love of nature. On the other hand it is only fair to admit that in the hands of a trained biologist, the work must greatly gain, provided that his methods of teaching are such as will attain the ends in view. Nature-study rightly interpreted should provide for the personal acquisition of knowledge and experience, during the early years of life, in a way that is interesting and above all natural ....more

Nature Study and Observation

“…the training of the child’s mental powers means more than the developing in him an ability to memorize facts. The subject matter presented with this end in view should differ materially from that by which we simply wish to make the pupil the possessor of facts for the sake of familiarizing him with a given subject. Bearing this in mind, ...more

Handicraft: Charming plant labels for your garden

From A hundred things a girl can make, by Bonnie E. Snow, Hugo B. Froehlich published by J.B. Lippincott company, 1922: It is a mistake to suppose that girls are debarred from the pleasure of making anything of wood, simply because they are girls ....more

Moral plums and fairy tales

previously Felix Adler says it is “quite essential to the successful use of” fairy tales, that we “Do not take the moral plum out of the fairy tale pudding, but let the child enjoy it as a whole. Do not make the story taper toward a single point, the moral point. You will squeeze all the juice out of it if you try ....more

Must See:

Lionel Ritchie...more


Reading can make you happier. Reading and thinking: “During a series of ongoing experiments, functional magnetic resonance images track blood flow in the brains of subjects as they read excerpts of a Jane Austen novel. Experiment participants are first asked to leisurely skim a passage as they might do in a bookstore, and then to read more closely, as they would while studying for an exam ....more

Looking for Something to Read, Don’t Want Twaddle?I

I see this request or one like it from time to time, and then what follows is usually a debate on why a particularly recommendation is or is not twaddle, and then one on why it’s okay to read twaddle sometimes, and then we discuss junk food and how much is too much and just because twaddle is sugar filled cotton candy for the brain, that doesn’t make it a bad thing to read once in a while. What’s ‘once in a while’? ...more

1920 Refugee fundraising ad for Ford

I love so much about...more

Forgiveness and other Cultural Craziness

I’m reading, or skimming, Mere Christianity by C. S. Lewis, once more. I am not sure how many times this makes ....more

Squill and Orphans

My great-grandmother planted a small blue flower in her yard probably 65 years ago. She’s long gone, but her house is now where one of our daughters and her familiy live, and the yard is now covered in these blue beauties every spring- they are always the first to bloom. My daughter tells me they are already blooming ....more