The Beauties of Nature and the World We Live In, Part V of X

CHAPTER V – WOODS AND FIELDS Rural life, says Cicero, “is not delightful by reason of cornfields only and meadows, and vineyards and groves, but also for its gardens and orchards, for the feeding of cattle, the swarms of bees, and the variety of all kinds of flowers.” Bacon considered that a garden is “the greatest refreshment to the spirits of man, without which buildings and palaces are but gross handyworks, and a man shall ever see, that when ages grow to civility and elegancy men come to build stately sooner than to garden finely, as if gardening were the greater perfection.” No doubt the pleasure which we take in a garden is one of the most innocent delights in human life.” Elsewhere there may be scattered flowers, or sheets of colour due to one or two species, but in gardens one glory follows another. Here are brought together all the quaint enamelled eyes, That on the green turf sucked the honeyed showers, And purple all the ground with vernal flowers. Bring the rathe primrose that forsaken dies, The tufted crow-toe, and pale jessamine, The white pink and the pansy freaked with jet, The glowing violet, The musk rose, and the well attired woodbine, With cowslips wan that hang the pensive head, And every flower that sad embroidery wears ....more

Quail Eggs

In addition to as many fruits as grew in the Garden of Eden (I’m sure), we can also buy quail eggs for about a dollar a for 2 dozen- sometimes. ...more

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Grow vegetables from kitchen scraps. The secret to moderate clean Memory hack– Charlotte Mason knew this (as did others before her) Homeschool grads in college– there are a couple things here you may want to consider mentioning to your kids. I don’t think any of them are that hard to overcome whether you do or don’t, but there’s also not any inherent value in letting your kids be surprised by them, either ....more

Reading, making, thinking

Interactive Table of the Elements in words and pictures. Very coolness. An easy way to make your own little gift box using a CD as a pattern (I would think you could use any round item ....more


Community college advocating dropping algebra as requirement for non-STEM majors. Baltimore cop accidentally films himself planting drugs he later ‘discovers’ and uses to arrest some schmuck. This is a terrible, terrible person doing terrible, terrible things to her children ....more

The Beauties of Nature and the World We Live In, Part IV of X

CHAPTER IV – ON PLANT LIFE We are told that in old days the Fairies used to give presents of Flowers and Leaves to those whom they wished to reward, or whom they loved best; and though these gifts were, it appears, often received with disappointment, still it will probably be admitted that flowers have contributed more to the happiness of our lives than either gold or silver or precious stones; and that our happiest days have been spent out-of-doors in the woods and fields, when we have … found in every woodland way The sunlight tint of Fairy Gold. To many minds Flowers acquired an additional interest when it was shown that there was a reason for their colour, size, and form in fact, for every detail of their organisation. If we did but know all that the smallest flower could tell us, we should have solved some of the greatest mysteries of Nature ....more

Take Two

Or three, or maybe four. ...more

Amazon Prime better than government programs

“Amazon Prime has done more toward elevating the standard of living of my family than any [government] program” Families in this isolated northern Canada community are loving Amazon Prime. They can now buy diapers for 35 dollars instead of 70. ...more

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A Cold Civil War– what does that mean, and what is the history of the term? ...more

Real World Math

This is just simple math… People compare some “big ticket” item with “small ticket” items and don’t mention how the very large numbers of those small ticket items add up, or how very little the large ticket item would really stretch among the many to whom those small ticket items apply. So when someone says “if we can afford X, then surely Y isn’t too expensive” take a closer look. ...more