Coffee with Kiki–Stephentown and Foxes

I am starting a maybe new and maybe never again weekly vlog feature. This week, I’m talking the Stephentown 300 and parental responsibility. While my kids are talking What the Fox Say ....more

Day 3: Giving Myself Away…ish

Today is the first day I’m donating money to World Help. As a part of this 31 Days of Giving Myself Away, my plan is to look for organic, natural ways large and small that I can give of myself in some way. Today I either wasn’t looking (which is entirely possible as I’m running on about zero sleep) or did not have an opportunity ....more

Five Months of Cooper

Tonight there was this fussy baby who lifted a sleepy head and sleepy cry to eat at 11:30 and then did not want to go quietly back down. Even songs on the iPhone and rocking on Daddy’s knees with his voice the melody in her ears, she would not give up the ghost, as my mother says, and once said about me. (Nightly, I’m sure.) And so I let Rob go to bed and I held her tight tight tight until my arms cramped and then I held her some more ....more

Day 2: Giving Myself Away QUIETLY

What is your biggest pet peeve? Mine is kind of a strange one. It is: other people wasting my time....more

Cinnamon Chocolate Cayenne Cupcakes

This 12 Weeks of Christmas Treats is so far 2 weeks of cupcakes. Are you complaining? Last week it was my Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cupcakes, and this week a new brainchild: Cinnamon Chocolate Cayenne Cupcakes ....more

Day 1: Giving Myself Away

As a way to keep my mind in the right frame, I’m reading a verse for each day about giving or sacrificing or something related. Today I read Matthew 20:28, but went back and read from verse 25. But Jesus called them to him and said, “You know that the rulers of the Gentiles Lord it over them, and their great ones exercise authority over them ....more

The Songs of Our Fathers

I stood in the back of the lecture hall, listening to the voices around me singing: Everybody’s dancing now; Cuz we’re so happy! Only I remained still in the large room—not singing and certainly not dancing. Intervarsity met in the same room where I took cultural geography classes, and I was thinking more about the slideshows at the end of every class ....more

31 Days of Giving Myself Away

You know how there are Yes-Men in the world? Well, I am a No-Woman. If you’re not sure what that means, here is a little glimpse at my life ....more

Houston Chef Monica Pope Teams with Best Buy

This week I had the privilege of attending an event with Best Buy featuring local Houston chef Monica Pope. Despite the fact that I learn by fire (literally, I often set things on fire), I am a total foodie and Top Chef fanatic. Monica Pope is a local celebrity in foodie circles: nominee for a James Beard Award and named Best Houston Chef, among other accolades ....more

Sunday Sign-Up

A picture from my grad school thesis reading posters. Back then, I wore gloves when scrubbing the kitchen and wrote hand-written letters. Yeah…not so much ....more