I can't think of the last time I bought commercial egg nog. The very thought of it was sort of gag-inducing for a long time. As a child I loved the stuff, but at some point my tastes changed, and the last grocery store nog I remember drinking was sickly sweet with a thick, gloopy texture that evoked a mixture of molasses and Elmer's glue ....more

Shop locally! Shop artisanally! Shop deliciously!

We are fortunate to live in an area that, despite an exorbitant cost of living, still manages to support a vibrant scene of artists, artisans, craftsmen and craft food purveyors. So this season I encourage, nay implore you to shop micro-local and support the folks who put their heart and soul into their handiwork. Here's a list of upcoming events where you can find the best and brightest ....more

Favorite food books from 2013

We get a lot of food-related books, in large part because I know many of the authors. This has been a rather spectacular year for them, and here's a few of the ones that we allow to occupy precious space in our pantry shelf. Cookbooks: Melt: The Art of Macaroni and Cheese When I heard Stephanie and Garrett were working on a mac and cheese cookbook, I did not imagine that they would literally redefine the concept ....more

Salad forks are a cruel joke

Can someone explain salad forks to me? It boggles the mind how something so fraught with design flaws can have survived in our society for so long, unchallenged. Let's start with the tines ....more

Color, coordinated

A friend and colleague recently accused me of being very organized. While I'm thrilled that those are the appearances I keep up, it's a bald-faced lie. I have always thrived in chaos ....more


The above picture was taken on our 20th anniversary by our friend Scott, who has recently been dabbling in wet plate colloidal photography. Scott and I went to day care center together; we've known each other for 40 years. Thanks in part to Facebook, I remain in contact with a handful of folks I was friends with back in Niskayuna, NY ....more

Wordless Wednesday: Sightglass Coffee

Read more on Hedonia .. ....more

Mindful Meats

So as I mentioned in yesterday's post, we supported Civil Eats' Kickstarter, to the tune of $250. For our prize, I picked 24 lbs of ground beef from Mindful Meats. I mean, this was a no-brainer, right? ...more

A visit to Straus Family Creamery

I suppose like most Americans, I was raised on supermarket ingredients, commoditized to the point that I was more aware of the diversity in packaged foods than to the foods that came from nature. Milk was just milk, and that's all. It didn't matter when you bought it, or where it came from ....more

Stalking a better burger

Hang your heads, San Franciscans, for we have suffered a terrible blow. Perhaps the best burger in town, KronnerBurger, has terminated its yearlong tenure at the swank digs in the overflow space of the venerable Bruno's. To make matters worse, Chris Kronner is turning his attention toward going full-time brick and mortar in Oakland, because, well, let's face it, that's where all the cool and interesting food is happening these days anyway ....more