Kitchen tip: DIY panini press

As much as I adore Kathy's passion for the panini press, and recognize it as a true multifunction tool, and in spite of the fact that we have a bigger kitchen than most, I just cannot bring myself to invest in another semi-major appliance that we have to store somewhere. Luckily, there's an alternative that utilizes something we have in spades: Pans. Two cast iron pans will do; we have one enamlized Le Creuset fry pan and one slightly smaller cast iron pan, which play together very nicely... ....more

Which 'wich is which?

One of the very great joys of being involved in the food content world is knowing other writers, especially bloggers, who ultimately go on to publish books, and then getting to see the fruits of their labors. It is a tremendous validation of the passion and efforts of all of we bloggers that publishers can see the value in our work, and commit to bringing that to fruition in the printed word. Most recently, I attended an event for Katy Strahs' new oeuvre, The Ultimate Panini Press Cookbook ... ....more

Wordless Wednesday: Bulletinless Board

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Never mind farm to table. Let's talk brain to plate.

I'd like to tell you a little bit about a project I'm working on that I'm pretty excited about. Several weeks ago, Sandy, a colleague of mine from a thousand gay years ago at the early days of PlanetOut, reached out to me. She explained that she was working on a new startup ....more

Popeners, redux

A lot's gone on in the Vatican since we first wrote about our beloved Popeners. Benedict VXI came and went, and now Francis is garnering attention for his radical views of love and acceptance. We're not religious in this household ....more

Kitchen tip: Perfect boiled eggs in the pressure cooker

You know how I love my pressure cooker, right? Well, I just discovered another way it works magic. Thanks to Laura at Hip Pressure Cooking, I have learned how to make perfect boiled eggs in just about no time flat ....more

Persimmon skillet cake

In 1993, dpaul and I moved into an apartment on Dolores Park, on the edge of the Mission District. At the time, the area was pretty edgy. There was gang activity nearby and drug dealers in the park ....more

Albino redwoods in Muir Woods

Nearly a year ago, we made an excursion to Muir Woods, on the slopes of Mount Tamalpais in Marin County, for a guided walk with a ranger to see something I had never even heard of before: Albino redwoods. As we assembled at the ranger station, we were greeted by a ranger, who explained the phenomenon, and what we would be experiencing. Then, he took us into the woods ....more

Membership has its priveleges

When I started blogging nearly eight years ago (Really? Wow.), I didn't know my own motives. It was a place where I could drain the humors that build up: Poolings of creative juices, upwellings of joy, occasional outbursts of rage ....more

Wordless Wednesday: A walk in the woods

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