Ladybug Lunch for Spring Bento

It's feeling like spring in Washington right now. Being that it's the end of April, I really really hope I'm right too! ...more

Up, Up & Away Bento Lunch

Back in March, we flew back home to visit my family. ...more

Plated Train Lunch

Weekends are always a bit more relaxing around here, and a great opportunity to play with our food! ...more

Dinosaur Lunch Plate

I'm finally starting to feel some creative inspiration seeping back into life. ...more

How to Road Chip, Snack-Style

We've been road-tripping a lot lately--while we were in Ontario visiting my parents, to and from Wyoming and Teton National Park with a great stop at the Craters of the Moon National Monument, and around Washington for various things. On a typical, long road trip, I usually pack lunches and a mishmash of snacks. ...more

Camping Foil Packs - Breakfast & Dinner

The boy is officially a Boy Scout now, which involves a camping trip about once per month!In most cases, the boys plan their meals as a group, but this weekend was a bring-your-own food weekend, Ben and I decided to try two new foil pack meals for Saturday night's dinner and Sunday morning's breakfast. ...more

Meal Planning Monday

One of the things on my agenda this month is to get ahead on meal planning!The kids have quite a few evening activities as the weather gets nicer, so the easiest way to ensure that we eat healthy dinners is to plan them in advance. ...more

Fish Bowl Bento Lunch

Long time, no blog!After a combo of 3 weeks of traveling and another two for a mental break, we're back and ready to share new lunch and food ideas. ...more

What Kids Eat Wednesday

Welcome back to What Kids Eat Wednesday! Every Wednesday, you can look forward to finding the best kids kitchen ideas, bento lunches, easy healthy recipes for your family, and even learning and sensory activities for kids involving food! We will check out every link and feature our favorites the following week, if you're looking for some quick inspiration! ...more

A Lunch for My Dad

The kids and I are actually visiting my parents for a week, so no kid lunches are needed! ...more