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My name is Elizabeth Periale. I am an artist, blogger, and culture critic. I write about movies, books, television, pop culture—old and new—with a feminine/feminist perspective. Sometimes I post pictures of the kid, too.

unfinished - now available in paperback!

Unfinished - A Graphic Novel of Marilyn Monroe, is now available in paperback.From Amazon:Why does Marilyn Monroe continue to be our iconic American goddess? A question explored in “Unfinished.” In words and pictures author and illustrator Elizabeth Periale brings a new perspective to Marilyn Monroe. "Unfinished” focuses on Marilyn from a female perspective, including touching on her many health issues ....more

unfinished: a graphic novel of marilyn monroe

I am so excited to share that my graphic novel about the screen's most iconic goddess, Marilyn Monroe, is finally done — and available via Amazon's Kindle Store. My first published book, Unfinished: A Graphic Novel of Marilyn Monroe, tells the actress's story from a feminine/feminist perspective. From the set of her last, uncompleted film, Something's Got to Give, Marilyn tells us her story, in words and pictures.Here are a few images from the book, to give you an idea: I hope you enjoy my unique take on this fascinating lady.xoxoxo e ...more


So what am I going to watch until Legion comes back? I just binge-watched the series on Hulu. Like so many of the new series popping up this days this show has comic book roots ....more

where no star trek fan may have gone before ...

There are so many branches to the Star Trek universe: novelizations, movies, re-boot film series, animated series, magazines, television series, toys, games, etc. that even the most dedicated fan, Trekkie or Trekker might have trouble keeping up. ...Star Trek's popularity and influence was not limited to the United States. The show may have been cancelled in 1969, but the next year in England, before the series had even premiered on British television, a series of comic strips appeared in weekly television magazines ....more

as spooky as ever: we have always lived in the castle

We Have Always Lived in the Castle is an amazing, unsettling book. It is a tale told by a fanciful and unreliable but fascinating narrator, Mary Katherine Blackwood, or Merricat, as her older sister Constance calls her. Merricat and Constance and their Uncle Julian and Merricat's cat Jonas live in Blackwood House, on top of the hill overlooking a small and small-minded village ....more

big little lies

I just finished watching the HBO series Big Little Lies and, I'm sure, like many others, didn't want it to end. The slow, almost hypnotic pace of the direction by Jean-Marc Vallée in producer and writer David E. Kelley's adaptation of Liane Moriarty's book eased viewers into the complicated lives of the mothers of first graders in an affluent suburb of Monterey, California.I quickly scooped up the book and was not disappointed by its southern Australian setting ....more

goodnight, sweet princes ...

I happened to be at the Disney Park that has franchised most of the Star Wars experience last week when I heard about Carrie Fisher's passing. Talk about bittersweet, as we saw posters of Princess Leia, from all of the her franchise appearances, around the park. I first saw Star Wars on its first release in 1977, and loved her spunky take on the princess, although I have to admit my young teen eyes and heart were mostly focused on the dreamy Luke Skywalker ....more

mon cher poirot

After my recent Alex Cross-athon, I felt I needed a palate cleanser. And what better, than to re-read some old favorites, by the grande dame of mystery herself, Agatha Christie? I first discovered Christie when I was about 10 or 11, prowling through my mother's bookcases for something to read ....more

cross, cross, cross

As I stated earlier, I have been reading a lot of James Patterson...more

doctor sleep and the lure of the sequel

While I was reading Doctor Sleep I was bouncing back and forth between my memories of the novel, written by Stephen King in 1977, and the movie adaptation by director Stanley Kubrick, from 1980. I suspect King may have had both in his mind as well. Although it is well-documented that King didn't love the film version, Jack Nicholson's portrayal of Jack Torrance was indelible, as were Shelley Duvall as his wife Wendy and the Overlook Hotel itself ....more