The Thang Blog – Now ad-free

For the last few years, I’ve hosted ads on this site through the BlogHer network. I’ve been happy with them, and would recommend looking into them for any bloggers interested in ads on their own blogs. At the same time, over the last few years, I’ve moved this blog away from simply talking about my own life and random nonsense, and turned it into an extension of my professional career as an artist and educator. And I talk about my own life ...more

Acting as a woman

I’m taking an acting class taught by the fabulous Joyce Piven, co-founder of the Piven Theatre Workshop. I’ve been at Piven, first as a student and now as a teacher, since I was nine; over two-thirds of my life. I’m no stranger to the style taught there, or to how the classroom setup works. At the same time, I’ve been more anxious about this class than anything I’ve done at Piven in quite some time ....more

Obama bunted, at best

Like however many millions of people across America and around the world, I watched the debate last night. And, like so many Obama supporters (although I’d label myself as a tepid supporter, at best) I cried out in frustration as I watched Obama  fuck it up. A few quick thoughts on what I heard, and what I wanted to hear. Embrace your own damn policies. What I heard:  ”Obamacare is just like the health care plan you implimented in your state! How can you ...more

Emotion versus Reason – Military might and Israel

Compensating much? ...more

Street harassment and being treated like a lady

I was listening to Citizen Radio while driving down to the Chicago Fringe Festival tonight. It’s a fantastic, independently-produced, liberal news and commentary podcast, and I highly recommend it. One of the things they discussed was this blog post from UnWinona. It discusses one woman’s experience with harassment on the train and, in particular, a very scary experience with someone threatening her. Here’s an excerpt: ...more

General thoughts on Fringe

I don’t have as many Fringe Festivals under my belt as some. Howard Petrick, Phil Van Hest, Seth Lepore, and Kevin Thornton are all amazing artists I’ve met on the road, and they have all given me great advice and insight both on how my performance material can be improved and on how it is (maybe, hopefully, fingers crossed) possible to make a living as a touring artist ....more

On being called a “shemale stripper,” and assholes in general

I ran into quite a few notable assholes and bigots while touring. They were absolutely the exception, far outnumbered by the people who – in person, on Facebook, and via email – told me how much they enjoyed my work, and how important it was to them. I heard from allies, friends and family and partners of trans people, trans people themselves, and those who had never before encountered someone who so strongly questioned society’s gender assumptions. And yet, I also ...more

Back home! Quick thoughts on Indy Fringe

Back in Chicago for two weeks for the Chicago Fringe Festival. If you haven’t seen Storms Beneath Her Skin yet, this is your last chance for the foreseeable future. Buy your tickets now! What a month it has been. Since I last checked in, I’ve from Minneapolis to Chicago (for about 48 hours) then on to Indianapolis to Indy Fringe. Indy Fringe went pretty well, although I earned a bit less than last year ....more

A note on my car

Still in Minneapolis, having a blast. On Monday I drive back to Chicago, where I’ll be for three days before heading to Indianapolis. PHEW! Fringe is going well, though. Audiences are good, I’m getting good audience reviews, and I’m having a fun time. This morning, however, I came out fro my billet to find a note tucked under my window ...more

Breaking news: Reductionist oversimplifies others’ viewpoints

Another possible title for this post: People who are anti-trans remain anti-trans ....more