On Magpies and Things We Thought We Didn’t Want to Do: Stuff I wrote other places this week

Just in case you’re not feeling full from yesterday’s photo-filled post on shallots and butter, here’s more stuff I’ve written other places this week: Over at VillageQ, I write about the challenges and rewards of forcing kids to do stuff that they think they won’t like that you know they will: I’m not just talking about run-of-the-mill things like eating and sleeping and going to the bathroom, although of course most children at some point or another will swear up and down that they under no circumstances want or need to eat or sleep or poop even though you can tell — say, by the subtle hint of the series of massive meltdowns punctuated by alternate fits of giggling and sobbing and poking of siblings — that they desperately need to. I’m talking about things like going for hikes out in nature. Or going to see a really cool exhibit at the art gallery ....more

The other side

I was going through my bookshelves the other day, trying to make space. I weeded out of bunch of books to donate: novels I’ll never read again, academic texts that will be better loved on university library shelves. It’s getting easier to give away books — I console myself with the idea that they’re still mine, just on other people’s shelves ....more

Drifting childhood

This. This is, almost literally, the flotsam of last night’s kid baths. This is what I get to look at, circa 11:13 PM as I sit on the toilet before heading off to bed, except that I delay sleep a few minutes more to find my camera and document the Pokémon figurines lined up on the side of the tub ....more


Hey! So, British Columbia has become the first province to allow three parents on a child’s birth certificate. And since, I’ve been mulling a bit over what that might have meant have the option available when my kids were born ....more

Bedtime rant

Why must you lock me in the basement each night? * * * Fewer things in the world cause me more resentment than the fact that I have to get ready for bed EVERY SINGLE NIGHT. Like, every night ....more

Forward, sideways

I went snowshoeing yesterday morning. Of course I did, because first there was Vic, who said, Of course you can borrow Helen’s snowshoes — take them for as long as you’d like. (Along with these books, which I think the kids would like ....more

Maybe I didn’t write this post

Hey! No, don’t worry, no original content here today. But I wanted to alert you to stuff I’ve written that post other places ....more

Queer parenting and the tyranny of choice

I remember sitting on the couch next to a napping Rowan. He was maybe a month or so old, blissfully unaware of the voices in my head duking it out: “You’re such a good mother, staying right next to him while he sleeps.” “What kind of mother are you, letting your baby sleep on the couch? Do you know that he could roll off and die? ...more

In which I come clean about my poor hygiene

Hey! If you’re not going to finish that muffin, hand it over — I’m sure that I can fob it off one of my kids. Or mush it up and sprinkle it over top of some oatmeal ....more

Fewer words, more silence

I’m not feeling so wordy these days. Aside from stuff for clients, I’m not writing whole lot — little notes and ideas here and there, the skeletons of short stories. But blogging has fallen by the wayside ....more