Merry Christmas!

Wishing everyone a magical Christmas! We decided on a Harry-Potter-themed card this year (mainly because we never could get a family photo with TubaDad’s crazy end-of-the-year travel schedule) so the girls whipped up Dusty's costume with some felt and a gluegun and we snapped a pic of him on the kitchen table. Now he's my favorite part of the card ....more

Nine years of Santa love

Give or take a couple… Merry Christmas! ...more

Harry Potter fans turn 9

This week the world’s biggest Harry Potter fans celebrated their birthday in style at Harry Potter World in Orlando. Happy 9th birthday Ro and Ree! We all had so much fun celebrating with you ....more

Enjoyed a small Moon Festival in the park

We usually meet up with the local FCC group for our annual Moon Festival, but this year felt like doing our own thing. So the girls and I went on a Dollar Tree and Michael’s shopping trip for lantern supplies, then invited a few folks to a little park near our house where we all had picnic dinners, made lanterns, shared mooncakes and other desserts, and hung out. The night was a big ...more

Big fourth graders on their first day of school

Ro and Ree love school, but none of us were ready for summer to end this year. The girls say it was the best summer ever, and I have to agree. Wishing everyone a great back-to-school experience ....more

Twinvasion at the beach

Always a treat to see these four beautiful, unique girls together and I’m always thankful that our girls have friends whose stories start with the same words as theirs: “identical twins born in China...” Happy summer to all, and a special thanks to D2, K2, H2, and S2 for visiting us at the beach. Mwah! ...more

Weird cookie mix at Target

The girls couldn’t resist this funky-looking box of cookie mix on our last shopping trip, and today was the day to try it out. Pretty fun to make – felt a little like playing with homemade PlayDoh. Ree did them almost all by herself and Ro joined in when it was time to color the dough ....more

Two 50th anniversaries

My folks and TubaDad’s folks both celebrated their 50th wedding anniversaries this month (exactly one week apart from each other). Ma and Pa were treated to an exciting weekend of NBA championship fun: And BobBob and Wela were floored to walk outside and find their friends who had been in their wedding party back in the sixties. Good times! ...more

Let the summer begin!

Summer officially starts in this house in 4 hours, and we are READY! My job ends for the summer today (an awesome benefit of working in the same school district as Ro and Ree), the secret summer-kickoff buckets to surprise the girls when they come home have been assembled, the last school lunches for the year have been packed (thank heaven), the perfect-attendance certificates have been ...more