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I am a retired RN living reasonably well with family, friends, doofus doggies, and Sjogren's syndrome. 

Auntie Stress: Eight Ways To STOP IT


AutoimmuneGal: Being an Autoimmune Mama

Ever since my diagnosis as I struggled with enormous fatigue and all the other aspects of Sjogren's, ...more

Cue Pomp and Circumstance

.::sniff::. My parents will be so proud. .::dabbing emotional tears of pride::.It's official ....more

Excuses Excuses

I think a decorative pillow is a far better use of burlap than as dog food....more

What a Bargain Thanks to Eloise

Photo mine. As so often happens here on Reasonably Well, I feel the need to begin my post with this disclaimer:...more

Another Win for Venus: Australian Open 2015

Image found on Wikipedia My favorite tennis pro is playing winning tennis these days. Venus Williams and her sister Serena have moved on to the Australian Open quarter finals: ......She is through to the fourth round of a Grand Slam tournament for the first time for four years. She now plays Poland’s Agnieszka Radwanska....more

Unexpected View

After a restful night's sleep, I woke up to this. Um. Frodo....would you mind pointing your hindquarters in a different direction? ...more

Sjogren's Forum: Newly Diagnosed

Are you newly diagnosed? Dr. Nancy Carterton coauthor of "A Body Out Of Balance" writes a blog entitled Sjogren's Forum ....more

Peripheral Neuropathy -- Again

Zombie portrait found here....more

Pain Strategies

I saw the link to this infographic on Twitter yesterday and thought it offered simplistic yet helpful reminders for those who are managing their chronic pain. Found on ...more