Thanksgiving parties!

Friday was another fairly busy day for us. Thursday was way busier, but we had two Thanksgiving parties to attend. First up, Cheese Puff ....more

Completed projects!

I'm finally ready to debut some of the projects I completed before the play started. Yay! My pictures are blurry, though ....more

That Little Elvis

The boys were all in the local paper this morning. Cheese Puff had the biggest picture. Baby Plum got one with Bob, and we thought they had left Little Elvis out ....more

It's over! And I think it was a success!

The play is officially over! Yay! We ended up with a cast of 44 kids ages 3-7th grade for our production of "Disney's 101 Dalmatians Kids!" And the kids did a great job! ...more

Bee bo! Bee bo!

Happy Halloween! A little late. The boys had a fun Halloween this year, and even wore a "theme" costume ....more

Cheese Puff dancing to "Make 'Em Laugh" from "Singing in the Rain"

This summer we rented "Singing in the Rain." I thought the boys might like it, and I love Gene Kelly. Cheese Puff loved it! But not Gene Kelly ....more


I've not been posting very regularly. I'm kind of wrapped up in this upcoming play. Since introducing Little Elvis to plays with our local children's theatre group, I've managed to work my way up from parent to costume person, to co-director, to director/president of the group ....more

Bike riding only child

While Gram and Coachpa took his brothers to a football game, Cheese Puff went on a bike ride with Mommy and Daddy. We tried out a relatively new trail about 30 minutes from our town. It's really pretty, and was a nice ride ....more

Another college game? Lucky boys!

Since the last trip to a Mississippi State game was a success (except for the loss,) Baby Plum and Gram decided they wanted to go with Coachpa and Little Elvis. So, they made another trek for a Saturday game day. This was not nearly as big of a game, and it was a day game ....more

2 breakfasts

I haven't posted about Little Elvis recently. I took this picture on Baby Plum's birthday when the camera was already out. Little Elvis had already eaten once, but after brushing his teeth and getting ready, he opted to take a bowl of dry cereal to go ....more