Curse of the Seeno's

Today, while reading a book and drawing a picture, Little Elvis asked me to help him draw "Curse of the Seeno's."At least that's what I heard. Bob was also confused.Little Elvis finally decided to just do it himself. He had a circle on the paper and drew what looked like the sideways view of a scroll ....more

Latest project!

I don't know if it seems like I've not been posting as much, or not. I should be more regular with it since I now have two mornings free each week! But I've been using that time to work on some projects.After the tornado, one of our neighbors was planning to throw away 6 dining room chairs that had been in storage for at least 2 decades ....more

A semi-typical morning

Ok, so this first picture isn't typical. Little Elvis kind of picked his outfit this morning, and chose to wear tennis shoes! He hates to tie shoes ....more

Baby Plum's first soccer game!

Baby Plum has been so excited about his first soccer game! He's been looking forward to playing for a couple of years. That mean old late birthday ....more

Family shot

Baby Plum had to a sheet about himself this month. He put soccer stickers on it, and cut out a picture of a guitar. I found McDonald's and ChickfilA logos, and he put those on there, too ....more

Touch a truck!

It's Touch a truck time again in our area! It's this neat thing our Park and Rec does for the city. All sorts of big trucks are set up in a parking lot, and kids get to tour them and talk to the drivers ....more

Soccer, big boxes, and Grandparents Week

Baby Plum had his first soccer practice a couple of weeks ago. He wore a lizard hat that he never wears, because, well, why not? He also had on his soccer socks pulled up to his knees ....more

Something's missing...

I've been bad about the camera. Maybe. Most likely ....more

Labor Day fun

The boys went to my parents' cabin for the last part of the Labor Day weekend. My parents took all three, and we drove up about 2 hours later. We stopped by a roadside flea market and bought part of Baby Plum's birthday present ....more

His name is Just

Our pick up schedule in the afternoons is a source of frustration. I pick up Baby Plum at 2:30. Little Elvis doesn't get out until 3:10 ....more