Food Allergies and Science Experiments

In our last chapter in Science a few years sgo, we had instructions to complete an experiment with eggs.In case you were not aware, I have 3 children allergic to eggs :/So normally I would just skip the experiment/activity. Like when Saxon 1 calls for using peanuts... we have peanut allergies, too.. ....more

The Perfect Purple Pencil Sharpener

In the busyness of the classroom, there are very few items that a teacher can rely on consistently to bring peace during the day. And for me there is nothing more aggravating than having students constantly sharpening pencils with the loud scraping or machine like noises. Or having the pencils that they do sharp not completely sharpen.. ....more

Our 2015 -2016 Curriculum Choices

One of the best (and most intimidating) parts of home schooling for the homeschooling parents is choosing curriculum! There is just soooo much out there! And each family and kid is soo unique! ...more

Our 2014-2015 Curriculum Wrap -Up

As I am working towards putting together a new semester... a mixture of "yippeee" and "ugh"... I can't help but look back at last year.The new texts and the very used books (thrifty to the core!).The huge amazing curriculum that I got to borrow, that just didn't fit:/The simple text that I really thought I hated, that turned out to be exactly what we needed:)HistoryOur biggest change last year was Tapestry of Grace, Year 1 that I go to borrow from a super generous friend (curriculum and a lot of resource books) ....more

Happy 9th Chris!

Chris celebrated his birthday quietly in November... well, sort of quietly:/We had planned to do a family trip to the museum, until a toothache hit Chris the Monday before Thanksgiving :( Last February, he had a really deep cavity filled and I really thought that this pain meant that the tooth was finally infected and ready to go. I brought him into the dental clinic we use that day and they said it had to pulled by an oral surgeon ....more

Merry Christmas & Learning from the Biblical Ladies

We will post a year update sometime next week, but I just wanted to share our CHRISTmas greetings!!And share the Christmas nugget I've had on my heart for the last few weeks....Sometime in our Advent studies and Sunday morning sermons the conversation between Elizabeth and Mary in Luke 1! And behold, even your relative Elizabeth...more

Tiny (but determined) Talk Tuesday

I think Nate is already showing promise as a lawyer.Nate (4 yrs): Mom, do you want me to get in an accident and the police to come when I drive ...more

Throwback Thursday

Lydia has begun the process of outgrowing her short hair. When growing out hair it always has to go through some "shaggy" stages:) Last weekend as Lydia was busy carving her pumpkin, she asked for her hair to be "put up". I was excited and played around with her hair a bit:) Obviously, I was working quickly (before she changed her mind) and without a good comb and brush (yay for Saturdays!).. ....more

Wordless Wednesday: Annual Pumpkin Carving

Our annual tradition:) All drama:) Anything to get a laugh from his siblings! And this year was soo awesome with the kids doing ALL the work... and I did the clean up that was pretty simple since we worked outside!! ...more

More Tiny Talk

Nate was looking at our world map in the school room and said,"See that really big orange spot on the map?"Me: "Yes, Russia."Nate responded,"No, it's Mississippi because it is so big!"****************************************Lydia: "I'm on chapter 9 of Mr. Popper's Penguins. You know it's kind of a "how-to" book."Me: "Really, a "how-to"?"Lydia: "Yes, how to keep penguins in your house."****************************************An afternoon TV show for Nate is sometimes a necessary evil so we can finish that last bit of home schooling ....more